Make your kitchen look attractive and grease free with these Chimney

Make your kitchen look attractive and grease free with these Chimney types

The most important part of a modern and smart home today is a kitchen chimney. With added than a dozen different kitchen chimney types to choose from, changing one that best suits your conditions is no easy feat. Indian cookery revolves a lot around frying, which is why there will always be canvas splatters and masala aromas in the kitchen.

While the food is appetizing, the hot bank released from the pressure cooker and the dematerialized canvas beads from the countenance settle on those beautiful kitchen walls. As a result, you get tick- beating good food with a slightly dirty- looking kitchen. To avert this mess, install a kitchen chimney to absorb extra bank, soot and food odours from settling in the kitchen.

To make things easier for you, we've shortlisted different types of kitchen chimney available in India. These products are durable, appealing and easy to use in an everyday Indian kitchen.

  • Kitchen Chimney

There are two types of kitchen chimney designs depending on how they look: Conventional and Contemporary Gas Chimney.

  • Conventional Gas Chimney-

    made for complete practical use, are introduced in paramount kitchens. Convectional chimneys are made by spick-and-span brand and in straight line model. Conventional chimneys are dime-store. Convectional chimneys available with the ducted mode as well without pipe-recycling. These type chimneys are largely riveted on the performance.

  • Contemporary kitchen-

    standpipe is an introductory one and generally used in modular kitchens for style and status symbol. The kitchen chimney installation must be made in accordance with the ambiance, kitchen layout and the aesthetics of the appliance itself.

These chimneys are made of squeaky-clean swords with glass teacups and come in a variety of colors like red, white. Gas Chimneys are everyday for Indian food points with Masala food. It's really easy to find a safeguard standpipe, look for the product description and quest for safeguard.

A representative Pigeon Sterling standpipe is one of parallel good safeguard filth kitchen standpipes. The safeguard filth needs really small preservation. Needs to wash safeguard filth once in 3 months. These purifiers have the ability to run a number of spells without reserve. The kitchen chimney installation is also quite easy and non-technical for anyone who understands the basics of installing appliances.

  • Stove Chimney

We've one additional product on our list and this is also an affordable duct known as Stove Chimney. Talking about the confines first, the length of the trough is 50 cm and the confines is 40.7 cm. The height of the line cover furnished with this trough is 50.6 cm. In terms of controls, this trough gets Push Button Control along with Stainless Steel Baffle Filter.

The cushioning defilement can freely be drawn and since it's designed with an immaculate brand, it isn't prone to rust. The trough also has 2 integrated LED illuminants which makes it easier for you to cook the food. It helps you in achieving the optimal rank of caff because of better lighting.

The motor of the Stove Chimney is really influential and you don't pass any issues when you're running the trough for long hours. The only thing that you'll notice is that your kitchen is clean and there's no odour or steam around. With all these features, the trough proves to be your smart companion in the kitchen if you have an oven with 2 to 4 burners.

The design covers the stove and hence you don't pass any issues during the course of exercise. The defilement needs to be drawn once in 6 months and it isn't a hassle at all. You can get the optimal rankings of drawing freely and we'd definitely recommend this Stove Chimney.

Top Sellers

  • Home Chimney

Next on our list is a product known as the Home Chimney. This is a steady Home Chimney stack that comes loaded with features. The first thing that you would notice is that this drainpipe is huge. This means that if you're planning to use a 3 to 5 burner rotisserie either you'll be fit to exhaustively exploit the drainpipe.

This is probably the first Home Chimney in demand that comes with a filter-less technology and a control gesture. Yes, that's right, you can control the speed of the motor with hand gestures which means that you would not have to touch the drainpipe with slicked hands while you're cooking.

The suction capacity is good and the drainpipe also gets a machine- clean function which would toast the drainpipe and remove the gunk. As mentioned anteriorly, there's no blotch in the drainpipe and hence it doesn-t necessitate major exertions in cleaning. The Home Chimney uses angled headwinds to cinch cleanliness.

This feature is really innovative and indeed though the conduit is priced at a premium, it's worth buying the conduit at that price. It's considerably effective and the canvas collector also works efficiently. The LED Lights are also really heavy-duty which allows you to get a better visual of what you're cooking. Overall, the conduit is durable and one of the sturdiest products on the call.

  • Industrial Chimney

We'll now move on to the second last product on our list and this is an Industrial Chimney. The first thing that you'll notice about this Industrial Chimney is the extended glass flaps which makes it an amazing choice in terms of pulling out the smother and odour. It doesn-t let anything escape because of the dished design. The controls are the campaign- button controls that lets you set one of the three- speed positions. In addition to this, you can also turn on the integrated lights with the help of pushbuttons. The motor is also efficient and it sucks up the smother and other smothers really freely.

Talking about the suction capacity, the capacity presently is 1100 m3-h which is good enough for a medium-sized kitchen. This house chimney has great efficiency and vigour as the power thresholds are also very high in this house chimney.

The cushioning purifiers that are integrated into this tube are also durable and since they're designed with a pristine brand, you don't see any discomfort while drawing them. They can be drawn once every 6 months and that will be enough. The noise ranks for this tube are also low which are between 55 dB to57.5 dB depending on the speed you handpick.

To conclude, we can say that Industrial Chimney is one corresponding solid variant that you can choose without an alternate debate and the products from the brand are also affordable Industrial Chimney which advantage is definitely for the consumer.

  • Smoke Chimney

The last product on our list is the Smoke Chimney and this is definitely one of the most advanced Smoke Chimneys that you'll find in the Indian call. The leader features some amazing features like motorcar clean and the touch control panel. With the help of these touch buttons, it's a lot easier to control the waterspout and there's a button that helps you in gutting the waterspout with just a simple touch.

During the motorcar clean functionality, rudiments get warmed to get unburdened of the sticky soil inside the waterspout. All these possessions are collected in a painting collector below. Apart from the features listed above, the Smoke Chimney gets a LED light which is a standard across the waterspout. The barricade sludge removes the smog and odour really effectively as well. Talking about the sweep of the waterspout, the LxB is59.5 cm x44.5 cm.

The length of the tube cover is 49cm. However, Clamp, Cowl Cover and Aluminium Tape, If you take this Smoke Chimney either you'll also be supplied with an installation tackle which includes an Aluminium Duct Pipe. The Smoke Chimney also gets a LED display that shows you the temperature and the time since which the waterspout is running.

Overall, it's one of the relaxed products in the Indian request and it definitely represents the state of art features for you. With an outside noise status of 58 dB, this Smoke Chimney becomes an ideal purchase for you.

Some of the best reasons to purchase a chimney:

  • Keeps Kitchen Clean:

    The first thing to note is that the funnel will help you in keeping the kitchen clean. You won't see gunk accumulation and this will guarantee that the hutches and round walls remain clean. The only thing that you might have to clean over time is the funnel blotch.

  • No Unwanted Smell:

    Following thing that you must understand is that the funnel will help you in removing the unwanted odour from the house. While cooking, the strong exhaust in the funnel will root the odour incontinently which will guarantee that you don't face any aggro in eyes and nose.

  • No Gauze in House:

    The following reason why you must use a funnel is that it'll root and remove all the gauze from the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen can get filled with gauze while you're making parathas or while you're grilling funk on LPG. The chimneys will remove all these paraphernalia freely.

  • Reduce Open-air Air Pollution:

    When LPG burns, it produces CO2 and Water. Carbon dioxide is definitely not good and leads to air pollution. In certain cases, because of scarce burning, there may be Carbon monoxide being produced in the kitchen. Funnel can root all the hurtful cases and throw them out of the house.

  • Enhances the Looks:

    The last thing that you might want to consider presently is that it would help the fairness of the kitchen. There are really beautiful designs available on demand which are worth looking at. You can choose an elegant glass design.


These are the best kitchen chimneys that you will find in India. You can compare the different models and understand the kind of features that you would like to have in your chimney. If you like to reduce your work then you can choose an auto cleaning chimney and similarly, you can choose the type of filter as well for your chimney.

Will all these things, refer to the list and check out the deals on these chimneys available in India. Hurry up and do not miss the ongoing deals and offers on these chimneys only on Moglix..!