Top chimney brands for smart and modern kitchens

Top chimney brands for smart and modern kitchens

A chimney is related to an earlier era where ventilation structure was made of masonry, clay or metal isolating hot toxic exhaust gases or smoke produced by any of the burning items and separating it from human life. One of the types of chimneys is a vertical channel or pipe which carries smoke and combustion gases up from a fire and or furnace and typically through the roof of a building. There are various companies such as Bosch, Camino, Hindware, Elite etc. that provide the best quality of Chimneys in the market.

Chimneys have been an important essence in the life of human beings with the coming in of urbanization. There are various types of chimneys which are present in terms of developing the ideal situation for a cleanliness provided in various parts of the houses and kitchen. It is suggested to everyone to bring forth the idea of development and use the chimneys based on their affordability and necessities to buy a chimney for their houses.

  • Butterfly kitchen chimney

It is designed with three speed control, stainless steel baffle filter, detachable exhaust pipe, a noise level less than 58 dB and powerful motor for efficient suction capacity and forcing oil and other residues to get settled inside the baffle. Butterfly kitchen chimney has a few of the products mentioned below:

Fortis 60 cm:

Designed with the stainless steel and one touch button to moderate the movement of the fan, one of the finest products of the company's chimney is the most used product of all. The one-touch button fan removes the wastage of time in the kitchen.


Designed with the vertical curation, this product is highly recommended in the commercial market place i.e in cafes and restaurants. The product helps in saving cost as well as has low maintenance.

Matchless Plus:

The newly introduced product in the market has been of high impact and understanding which caters to the needs of the consumers who have large kitchens. With its powerful fan, it can pull off any odour which is inside the kitchen in less than 5 mins.

  • Hindware chimney

For a smoke-free and healthy cooking product, Hindware Chimney is one of the brands available in Indian domestic market. A unique blend of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology with minimum discharge of fumes, new aesthetics and superior material are some of the basic design uniqueness of this type of chimneys. A few of the products of the company are mentioned below:

Nadia Plus 60:

The most used and highly recommended product by the consumers, this chimney has a stabilised fan operating system which caters to the purpose of providing for a faster cleanliness of the air.

Nadia Plus 90 Auto-chimney:

With its large area of 90 cm in size, this chimney spreads out wide with a high suction power of 1200 CMH, it is able to heavily utilize the kitchens that have a larger space capacity.

Nevio clean wall mounted:

Coming with the filter-less technology, the product is considered to be the handiest based on the feature of wide-spread purpose of cleanliness around the kitchen. The filter-less technology reduces the burden on consumers.

  • Elite chimney

Elite Chimney are made up of a wide range of stainless steel chimneys. All products are widely accepted for high functionality, durability and efficiency. Cutting edge technology is one of the latest scientific innovations in manufacturing chimneys with aesthetics and safety. The chimneys are user friendly and have innovative designs. This brand is widely accepted in domestic as well as international markets.

Elite Chimney adheres to industry standards and parameters with in-depth market experience, cost effective and customized production facility. The chimney also has been considered of utmost essence as it provides for the best possible available solution in terms of providing the quality of work as well as ensures the right connection between the users as well as the competition increased in the market. The chimney structure overall has been a pervasive type which will be helpful in giving a correct perspective to the society as well.

  • Camino chimney

Camino is one of the brands in the field of chimney installed in the domestic, industrial as well as medical centre (hospital, nursing home etc) with specific design and requirements of the customer for making the kitchen free from pollution.

It has varieties of Chimney with wide range and size, finish and technical details like hydraulic based, auto heat cleaning , filter less with metal oil container and minimum noise level. Camino chimney has a range of breath-taking series that are a perfect amalgamation of looks and performance. It is designed to perfection with European standards and ready for the country's requirements.

  • Bosch Chimney

The German based technological company is renowned for its ability to have the maximum output for the purpose of giving out the best efficiency and lesser amount of instability which is known to have been impactful as well as giving out the best quality of services for a longer period of time.

Bosch chimneys come with the largest baffle filters to have efficient suction. The motors have been engineered to generate more power, thus sucking up smoke and odour with utmost ease, without making much noise. Some of the products are as mentioned:

  • Wall mounted chimney:

Perfect sensor and automated button touch technology for the purpose of maximum extractor that will benefit the consumer. The Extraction rate is at 300 m3/h, it quickly ensures optimal kitchen air quality. The performance is qualified at 62 dB.

  • Series 6 Island chimney:

The perfect air sensor technology provides for the best quality of filter-less technology which helps in reduction of work on the consumer. The chimney also has LED illumination which helps in the cleanliness of the chimney and easier to work.

  • Serie 4 chimney:

Cost effective and coming within the budget, the series 4 chimney is highly effective in terms of providing for the best conditional technology. This technology makes the chimney energy efficient as well as gives a higher amount of benefits.


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