Know Geysers Types and their Uses that Would Serve your Purpose

Geysers are one of the most common appliances which can be seen in every household. Geysers help in quickly heating water within no time and are also used for storing water for a long time. Geysers consume less amount of energy as compared to other water heating appliances like heating-rods and water heating coils. Also, geysers are available in many different types giving you an option of choosing which suits you the best for your lifestyle.

But, today in the market there are various types of geysers of many well known brands. Hence, selecting the right geyser is one of the hectic and time consuming jobs for many consumers. To ease your work, we have brought this article in which we have mentioned different types of geysers and their uses.

Gas Geyser:

An LPG connection is required for the working of Gas geysers through which they heat the water. The efficiency of these geysers is less as compared to the electric geysers but they do heat the water in very less time than the electric geysers. As these geysers work on LPG, there is a considerable amount of risk in using them. Due to this most of the people are shifting to electric geysers slowly.


  • Low operating cost
  • Quick heating up of water


  • Since LPG is used, there is high risk
  • Needs proper ventilation
  • Big in size
  • Difficulty in installation

Instant Geyser:

Instant or instantaneous geysers are the geysers which do not store water for a long period of time within them. These geysers are capable of providing warm water in just a few minutes. Instant geysers are compact and quite small in size. These appliances are used for activities such as bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes and many more. Instant geysers are mostly used in those households where only a small amount of water is needed to meet daily needs and requirements. Normally such geysers have a capacity of 3liters.

Also, instant geyser price is generally low as they consume less power as compared to other geysers.


  • Quick heating of water
  • Small and compact in size
  • Less power consumption


  • Regular surveillance is required for proper functioning
  • Come with a low temperature cutoff

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Electric Geyser:

As the name suggests, these geysers require an electric connection for operating purposes. Among the geyser water heaters, Electric geysers are the most common appliance and are adopted by most of the households. They are capable of heating the water at high temperatures and are also more efficient when compared with other types of geysers.

Apart from this, Electric geysers are much more safe and easy to operate. They also come with auto cut-off features for saving the power consumption. These geysers are considered to be one of the best types of all the geysers and are highly popular.

The electric geyser price is slightly high when compared with gas geysers. These geysers take the heat from the surroundings to heat the water.


  • Easy installation
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Have high temperature range


  • High operating price

Solar Geyser:

In these appliances, sunlight is used for heating up the water. In solar geysers, the sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels and is converted into electricity. Further, the same electricity is used for heating up water. The installation of these appliances will require a bit of effort as they should be placed or fixed at a location where they can get maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Solar geysers are capable of heating the water very quickly but they also come with an overheating problem. Also, during days when there is low sunlight such as rains, winters or monsoons, it is quite difficult for heating the water. These appliances are capable of storing high amounts of water and are made for those people who want to reduce their electric bills.


  • Capable of heating water within minutes
  • Can store high amounts of water
  • Low electricity bills helps to save money


  • More efforts are required to install
  • Difficult to heat water during low sunlight days
  • Heavy when compared to other geysers
  • Has overheating problems

Kitchen Geyser:

Kitchen geysers are nothing but instant electric geysers having a capacity of 1liter to 3liters. Kitchen geysers are capable of supplying hot water instantaneously. This is the main reason they are used in the kitchen as we cannot wait for 3-5mins to get hot water and then wash the dishes. Moreover, kitchen geysers are small in size and compact due to which they require a small amount of space for fixing. The only drawback is that these appliances consume high electricity as compared to other geyser appliances.


  • Instant hot water supply
  • Compact and small in size


  • Can store only 1-3liters of water
  • Consume high electricity

Bathroom Geysers:

Bathroom geysers are nothing but the instantaneous geysers. Instant geysers are used as bathroom geysers because they provide hot water instantaneously whenever required and do not make you wait until the water is heated. Bathroom geysers are directly connected to the taps and do not store water. When hot water is required for bathing, you just simply need to on the tap. The cold water flows into the geyser. The geyser makes the water hot using electricity or gas and the hot water is directly supplied to the tap.

Though the installation cost of these appliances is a bit high as compared to other geysers, they are more energy efficient when compared than other geysers. Also, these Bathroom geysers come with a longer service life.


  • Energy efficiency is high compared to other geysers
  • Makes water hot instantly
  • Come with long service life


  • Water storing capacity is only 1-3liters
  • High installation cost

Portable Geyser:

Portable geysers are quite small in size and compact and hence they can be easily carried wherever we want. Hence the name Portable Geyser. Portable geysers use electricity for heating the water and can store upto 1-3liters of water. These geysers are to be mounted in the bathroom and then just connect to the tap. Now whenever you want hot water just on the tap, plug in the switch of geyser and On it. Within no time you will get hot water as much as you want because it is directly connected to the tap.

Though portable geysers consume a bit more electricity than other geysers, they also help in saving your energy and time. Also, they are durable, rust proof, super instant and more economic.


  • Can be easily carried anywhere and everywhere
  • Saves both energy and time
  • Instant hot water supply


  • High electricity consumption
  • Low water storage capacity