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Bathroom fittings

Bathroom Fittings for Your Hotel, Office Or Home

Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, office or it’s just about your house; the bathroom is an essential space you cannot survive without. And, you cannot compromise with its cleanliness as well. In a bathroom, bathroom fittings or accessories play a crucial role in providing convenience to your customers or employees and keep the space hygienic. Let’s know more about these

Faucets and showers

In a bathroom, shower and faucets are the main sources of water. So, their presence and proper functioning are essential. These come in different styles and technology to suit your hotel or office décor.  You should choose from wide varieties mixer taps/showers providing hot and cold water for washing and bathing convenience or other contemporary designs of overhead and hand showers. Customers or employees using your bathroom always look forward to cleanliness and suitability that makes it necessary to check the proper functioning of shower tubes, faucet accessories, and spouts.

Toilets accessories

Another very important element of a bathroom is its sanitary ware. In a hotel or office, toilets are used regularly which makes hygiene a thing of concern for all. It is necessary for you to have a clean toilet seat and pans and urinals. Also, the cistern should work in proper condition. There should not be any leakage or blockage. Remember to change toilet accessories timely and keep disinfecting them.

For malls, shopping centers, and offices, you can opt for electronic flushing system that works on sensor technology and automatically flushes water once a person moves away. Also, when buying toilet accessories, look for the space available and then choose the WC type, whether wall hung or floor fitted. Remember it should not make the bathroom look overcrowded or clumsy.

bathroom fittings & plumbing

Bathroom fixtures

To enhance the beauty of a bathroom and the convenience of the user, it is essential to have bathroom fixtures. Some necessary accessories include

  • Soap dishes/dispensers

It is advisable to use soap dispenser near basins and soap dishes near the shower or bathtubs. Soap dishes are available in a wide variety of materials such as chrome, stainless steel, ceramic etc. This should be in sync with other bathroom accessories. You can choose from single or double dish holder and shape of dish depending on the space available for its placement

  • Towel rods or racks

There are numerous options to place or hang a towel in a bathroom, you just need to identify the best. For instance, a hotel bathroom would need towel rods, cloth hooks as well as racks to place the different size of towels. Placement of towel rods or rails should be well identified. It should be close to the bath area or basin but should not get wet with shower direction. Again, a number of towel rods or racks depends on the space available. It is best to have stainless steel rods that are rust free and last for a longer duration.

Also, cloth and robe hooks play a crucial role in small sized bathrooms, especially office bathrooms. You can choose from modern to classic any style of hooks.

Talking about the bars and rods, another necessary rod to have in a bathroom of your hotel or restaurant is the grab bar. It helps the old and kids to walk safely in a bathroom and avoid slipping.

  • Bathroom shelves

These are very important to keep the toiletries in place and within reach. Various designs are available for bathroom shelves such as straight or corner. According to other bathroom accessories, select the material for bathroom selves from glass, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, there are other bathroom fittings you need to have in place and check for their proper functioning, such as sinks and basins, drains and other pipes and fittings.

Bathroom layout, flooring, tiles, lights, and many more things have an impact on your hotel, restaurant or office bathroom but bathroom accessories or fittings can never be ignored. A user of your bathroom can go with the layout but cannot compromise on the fixtures, faucets or sanitary ware and compromise on hygiene.

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