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Can Supplier Scorecards Work in Reverse?

Supplier scorecards have become dime-a-dozen in a number of organisations, providing procurement personnel with an opportunity to grade their suppliers performance and offer valuable feedback. However, what if we change positions? And let suppliers’ grade procurement professionals? The idea looked intriguing enough, so we thought we’ll delve deeper and rummage some interesting discoveries. Enabling your…

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A Definitive Guide To Organizing Your Company’s Purchasing Process. Part-3

An organized purchasing process provides the business with a clear and detailed framework within which it can work, and enables the matching of the right solution with the exact business needs. Therefore,n our last iteration of this series, we thought we’ll enlighten you a bit regarding how to outline an efficient purchasing process, to help…

A Definitive Guide To Organizing Your Company’s Purchasing Process. Part-1

When it comes to operations management, purchasing process is the most shunned and least-understood areas. Owing to this, purchasing is an open resistance for most of the organisations that end up with arbitrary and futile purchasing processes, which keeps them from the triumph they had longed for. What could be a particular solution? Getting hold…

Through this article you'll gain useful insights about how to forge strong supplier relationships.

Supplier Relationship Management: How to Mend Broken Supplier Relations

Business and supplier relationships are built on trust. Losing a supplier might be a big setback for any company, however with some time and effort broken supplier relations can be rekindled, which is profitable to both parties. Buyer and suppliers share a symbiotic strategic relationship. Undertaking of any big project is a mighty task, which…

Using Technology to Foster Relationship Between Buyers and Suppliers

Using Technology to Foster Relationship between Buyers and Suppliers

Technology improves efficiency and reduces the cost of any process, there’s no doubt in that. However, the problem pertaining to technology is that it’s often under-utilized. When it comes to the supply chain, technology can make a significant impact. Using the help of technology not only internal operations can be improved upon, but also the…