Can Supplier Scorecards Work in Reverse?

Supplier scorecards have become dime-a-dozen in a number of organisations, providing procurement personnel with an opportunity to grade their suppliers performance and offer valuable feedback. However, what if we change positions? And let suppliers’ grade procurement professionals? The idea looked intriguing enough, so we thought we’ll delve deeper and rummage some interesting discoveries.

Enabling your suppliers’ to rate or grade you can initially seem to be a bit agonizing as many suppliers might draw fire upon you, however you might get acquainted to some surprising suggestions. Here’s a rundown of reverse scorecards and what they entail:

Benefits of Reverse Scorecards

Reverse grading will help you figure out key performance indicators on procurement side, facilitating you to work upon the experience which you intend to deliver to your suppliers. Moreover, it will enable you to improve the quality, cost and even timeliness of deliveries. What is more? By working in conjunction you can efficiently find solutions to some long-standing problems.

In addition, being an important and integral part of your supply chain, you can further facilitate suppliers’ to focus on adding value to their contribution, and help them to entrust you with an experience which will enable you, and them in congruence to achieve unmatched business excellence. Through the means of this reverse grading, your supplier will capture, measure, analyze and report your services, and may even recommend pragmatic changes that might benefit both the parties. Opening up conversations with your suppliers can help you see your business’s systems and habits with fresh eyes, and provide you with an avenue to get acquainted to your own blind spots, helping you initiate evasive manoeuvres.

In addition, by requesting for suppliers’ feedback, you’re sending an important communication that you value their expertise and want to view things from their esteemed standpoints. This will not only help in drastically improving their performance, but will also entrust your association with them- hands on recognition. This initiative is endeavored towards ensuring a sustainable supply base, together with win-win relationship with your esteemed suppliers.

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