3 A’s: Your Gateway to Enhanced Business Productivity

Two months into 2018, and you can sense your resolutions gradually fading away, isn’t it? Well, this is a well-known problem with resolutions; they are ratified with a bang at the start of the New Year, and reach the dusk of their life by Feb 14th. And you being a business owner must know that this is something worth circumventing. To achieve real change for your business, dig deeper than those goals and milestones, why not try something unique? Cultivate new tenets to direct your routine operations and decisions, and drag those goals within your bounds.

Consider these three A’s:


Automation isn’t just for CNC machines. A business entails a number of time-consuming tasks, from invoicing customers to tracking maintenance schedules to monitoring payments, what is more? They all can be rationalized with the help of automated software solutions. Moreover, it is recommended that you make proactive use of newer apps and cloud-based tools that involve machine learning to help you with the work that is less routine, for instance monitoring safety, adjusting inventory levels and speeding up job orders. Automation will significantly help you save up on time, which you can utilize and spend on core business operations. We hope you can see the proverb “Time is Money” getting justified!


Being in control of everything is definitely tranquilizing, and relinquishing control is not always easy. However, if you seriously want to upgrade your business to the next level, you have to allow others to share responsibility because it might become next to impossible for you to tread on the path of success all alone. Allow others to take the reins, just drop in a target, give them some control and let them work for you. Note: Scrutiny on their work is highly recommended.


Act decisively, and with a plan. Goals and objectives are good, but they fall by the wayside fast unless you have an actionable plan that helps you attain them.

Jot down a quantifiable blue print, your goals and chalk out an actionable A/B plan for reserve. First take in account the attainable goals, and gradually drift towards more crucial accomplishments.

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