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Illuminating the Benefits of LED Street Lights

The implementation of LED street lighting is quickly moving from pilot projects to extensive use owing to the gamut of promises the technology offers. Promises include financial benefits, significantly reduced carbon emissions & enhanced safety and security quotient. All of this can be better achieved with a succinct understanding of the technology and its functionality. You…

Power Efficient Lighting – How can it Help You Save Money

Lighting plays a crucial part in impacting the overall ambiance of the workplace, entailing the workplace comfort and operations. Moreover, lighting across facilities accounts for a greater chunk of your budget. Outdated lighting fixtures demand constant scrutiny, as they either fall apart or breakdown asking for replacement – making them a poor choice for operations…

Benefits of Using LED Lights

Benefits of LED Lights

LEDs are the latest and, most innovative technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy efficient. LEDs operate differently than traditional incandescent light bulbs. This makes LEDs far more rugged and, value for money. LED technology also offers many additional advantages over incandescent, neon, and compact fluorescent…