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The Last-Mile Delivery Problem can Make or Break Indian E-Commerce

Why is Last-Mile delivery so important? Well, to start with, it refers to the final transportation of goods from the fulfillment center or warehouse to the final destination (the customer). Last-mile delivery is the face of any business, as per the customer’s perspective.  The Indian e-commerce industry has come a long way over a few…

Different Types of LED Lights

Different Types of LED Lights

LEDs are a unique type of electronic lighting equipment. They are highly durable, energy efficient and produce a minimal amount of heat. They are not produced from fragile elements like glass tubes and are considered safer, as they do not contain any mercury or lead. LED bulbs consume around 90% less energy as compared to…

Bridging the Gap Between Buyers and Sellers

Bridging the Gap Between Buyers & Sellers: How Moglix Helps

Pertaining to the ever-increasing vogue of online shopping amongst customers, business prospects as well, seem to be somewhat influenced with this anomaly. In a recent discussion, our business customers broke the ice by expressing their love and, inclination towards shopping online, owing to the convenience and succour, which the channel offers, in addition to, their…

b2b five times more revenue growth

How Digital B2B Leaders, Record Five Times More Revenue Growth than Peers

Far from standing on the sidelines, many of the B2B companies have incorporated the digital revolution. Most are outperforming B2C companies in digitizing back-end workflows and, source planning and, in streamlining their existing IT infrastructures. However, those efforts are inclined towards focussing on internal cost and, process competencies and, less on innovating around sales and…

Implications of Unified Payments Interface

India’s e-commerce industry is the fastest growing sector and is expected to breach $100 billion mark by the end of the year 2020. The rapidly growing sector has further led to the emergence of payment banking opening up numerous possibilities for e-commerce marketplaces and e-retailers. Online businesses now have a unique payments mix to offer…