3 Rising Trends in B2B E-Commerce For 2017

Online B2B E-commerce sector, in India is expanding at a tremendous pace. With a staggering net worth of $300 billion, it’s more important than ever for B2B vendors, to emulate with the rapidly transforming B2B landscape in India. In this blog post, we will introduce you to three rising trends in B2B sector, which when integrated into your B2B strategy, will certainly increase your competitive advantage.

User Experience

B2C companies, since quite a long time, have been able to get the better off, the marketplace, pertaining to their quintessential user experience. Although, B2B companies are quickly catching up with cleaner, more streamlined user experiences, still, there is a trivial scope of improvement. Majority of the B2B buyers, are online users, who are more inclined towards availing the same user experience, which they would have been presented with, when buying a job function.

B2B companies need to regard certain standards, through excellent search functionality, customer reviews, extensive payment options, and social media integration. In addition, to compete in a progressively digital marketplace; it is high-time that B2B sites be restructured with easy to navigate web design and personalized B2B facilities.

Mobile Commerce

As the prominence of a prime user experience, is at an all-time high, with reference to comprehensive competition, companies now, are well-aware of the fact that as many as a moiety of their buyers, use mobile devices, to shop for their business needs.

For this, either the site should be optimized into being mobile responsive for different operating platforms, or an app could be developed, for simpler shopping.  An E-Commerce platform, adept in delivering high performance, across smartphones and tablets and, which supports integrations for mobile optimization programs, is surely a step ahead of its adversaries.

Flexible Payment Options

Is your payment gateway capable of handling different payment methods and more complex use cases? Does your business need to do more than, just take one-off payments? Most payment gateways are limited in their ability to address all payment scenarios.

A successful B2B seller will have the functionality to accept different types of payments. For instance, credit card, debit cards, gift cards, net banking and, even prepaid wallets! In many cases, not offering your customer, the flexibility to pay with the preferred method, may result in an abandoned shopping cart.

The B2B marketplace is rapidly changing. The market is more complex than the B2C world—with massive online catalogs, complicated payment methods, and extremely diverse customer needs, there is a layer of intricacy that is missing in traditional consumer sales. However, if a company can thrive through emerging trends and provide an optimal user experience, there is a possibility to open up new revenue streams, through B2B online retailing.

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