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Indian Logistics Industry: Solution to the Challenges

Challenges beget innovation and change. The same holds true for the logistics industry. There has been a significant amount of technology adoption alongside a changing regulatory environment, improved infrastructure, and the resultant elimination of intermediaries. The clear-cut tax structure with the implementation of GST has decreased, if not complete removed, inefficiencies, and delays in the…

How an International Freight Forwarder can help Your Business

If you happen to own an international business, you must have been acquainted to those irksome hassles, and headaches regarding shipping of your outbound consignments. After all, establishing reliable vendors, loyal business clients and trustworthy payment gateways, you should worry about what happens to your products when they are exported to your international client. Proper…

Outsourcing warehouse operations to a third-party logistics provider is good, but before outsourcing check whether it follows lean practices or not.

Third-Party Logistics & Your Lean Warehouse PART 1

Keeping in line with the general business practices, company’s instead of keeping its warehouse operations in-house, outsource it to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). We have come across instances where a shipper demanded more from a third-party logistics than it would from itself. This practice is specifically true as far as continuous improvement is concerned….