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Apart from core industrial sectors, power tools have waded their way into the must-haves list of many homeowners, and DIYers. Here is a list of power tools.

5 Most Popular Power Tools That Any DIYer Must Have

Nowadays, owing to proliferating demands of handymans, which charge unreasonable amounts of money even for a dime worthy task, owning a power tool has become an indispensable affair. Procrastination maybe one thing; however, skepticism regarding the conduct of such tasks all by yourself is something which can be deemed as gibberish. With so many advanced…


Era of Cutting Tools

Manufacturing is an ages old topic, spanning the entire history of modern man & Cutting Process is recurring theme in man’s & Automatic manufacturing techniques. What is cutting Process:- Separating materials is done by physically breaking bonds, or more recently by Melting by using Cutting Tools. Cutting techniques have found particular favor with sheets of material,…