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All About Angle Grinders- Stanley Black & Decker


An Angle grinder is a Handheld Power Tool, used for cutting, grinding, polishing, and sharpening the materials such as stone, tile, marble, wood, concrete, and both ferrous and nonferrous metals. These are powered in three ways- through a petrol engine, compressed air, or an electric motor. 

Angle grinder includes components such as abrasive disc, side handle, adjustable guard, and geared head. The geared head is usually mounted at the right angle and helps in holding either a disc or a wheel which is responsible for sanding, polishing, and grinding different types of materials.

It is important that you must choose the best angle grinder available in the market to ensure a longer life span and top-of-the-line daily operations. Keeping this in mind, we at Moglix have sourced the most reliable and official brands such as StanleyBlack+Decker, chosen after reviewing their performance details and market surveys.

Dewalt products are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality, and we at Moglix are delicately involved in providing an excellent quality array of Dewalt Angle Grinders.


Angle Grinders are mostly used at construction sites, metal workshops, and car repairing. They are mainly used for cutting notches and are also highly efficient for smoothing and removal of unnecessary materials.

Construction workers often use Angle Grinders while sharpening stone, doing notches and cuts. Apart from these functions, an angle grinder can also be used for different types of applications such as blade sharpening and removal of mortar in homes and gardens. 

Home-based cutting tools that need to be sharpened regularly including Axes, Lawn Mowers, Hatchets, etc can be done effectively.


A common angle grinder is not suitable for every usage. You must take some points into consideration while looking for a suitable angle grinder such as the motor power, speed ratings, and disc size.

Here are some factors which you must look out for while BUYING ANGLE GRINDERS ONLINE: –


The power of the angle grinder motor usually depends on the size of the disc. The greater the size of the disc, the greater will be the strength of your angle grinder. Occasionally, a handyman can opt for a pneumatic grinder that comes with smaller disc sizes.


Handheld grinders have immense power. While being used, the discs of the unit make between 5000-10,000 revolutions per minute.


Two things that influence the comfort level of the user are SIZE AND WEIGHT. The angle grinder which comes with anti-vibration handles has compact units, which ensure smooth usage for long hours.


The power of the motor may vary as per the usage in terms of Voltage, Amp Rating, and Wattage of the Angle Grinders, like if you are looking for an angle grinder for a DIY project then the one with a lower amp rating will be suitable for you. However, for daily usage in heavy industries such as Steel, Iron, Metallurgy, Oil & Gas, Angle Grinders with high amp ratings are essential.

So, if you are looking to buy the best Angle Grinders online by brands like Stanley Black+Decker, do check out what Moglix has to offer. We stock up every product and tool deemed essential for comprehensive industrial usage. Moglix is undoubtedly the epitome of premium industrial supplies. 

  1. Black+Decker 4 Inch 820W Small Angle Grinder, G720R
  2. Black+Decker 4 Inch 650W Angle Grinder, G650-B5
  3. Dewalt 4 Inch DW801 850W Angle Grinder
  4. Dewalt 100mm DW810 750W Angle Grinder
  5. Dewalt 100mm DW803 1000W Angle Grinder

For more power tools and machines from the best brands at the best price online visit Moglix.com where you can find the collection of numerous products for all your requirements. 

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