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Industry 4.0: Dawn of an Era of Comprehensive Competence in Supply Chain

For the vision of Industry 4.0 to be realized, the most important factor in doing so would be the complete overhaul and digitization of the entire enterprise process. Digitization has to be implemented at all levels from manufacturing, product development, customer relations and the workplace itself, leading to the digitization of the entire supply chain….

CCTV Cameras: Deterring Theft since Their Inception

A Closed Circuit System, better known as CCTV, is a system that comes equipped with signals that are reviewed, usually for security and surveillance systems. These cameras work effectively when placed in the right areas. As the cameras work in coordination with monitors and, video recorders, through wireless communication channels, they are popularly known as…

Respiratory Masks Providing A Sigh Of Relief Amidst This Polluted Breze

Air Pollution Hits ‘Grave’ levels in North India: Two Best Respiratory Masks You Can Buy Online

With air pollution cuffing upon ‘Grave’ levels and, with heavy smog blanketing distinct areas of the National Capital Region and, a plethora of other cities in Punjab and, Haryana, owing to this abrupt rise in pollution levels, many residents are switching to respiratory masks to help keep breathing problems at bay, which are caused by small particulate…

Office Essentials That A Business Must Possess

Office Essentials That A Business Must Possess

What Are Office Essentials? The ambience of your office can make or break the perception about your company amongst business associates. In addition to furniture, you need to ensure the availability of office supplies to make sure that daily operational activities at the workplace can be performed seamlessly. Corporate offices consider it vital to provide…