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Calculator: People’s best friend

We use calculators quite often. Despite the technological advancement, the calculator has been a good friend to people. From the time of abacus to the modern smartphone, this device has secured an important place in our lives. It performs arithmetical operations and certain mathematical functions. If you wish to associate degree illustration of a speed…

How Office Supplies Effect Workspace Productivity

Do you find your employees uninterested in coming to your office? Or, is your office space lacking the positivity to keep your mind tuned into work for 8-9 hours? If yes, then here is an infographic highlighting the importance of various office supplies that can increase productivity and delight your employees. Office space essentials are…

Essential Office Supplies

Ever since the evolution and introduction of technology into the office working environment, businesses have actually bragged about how they’ve espoused a ‘paperless office’. However, the reality is, of course, rather different. Anyone who’s deployed in a corporate office, must be well aware that it is next to impossible to function sans basic office stationery,…