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Space Savers for Small Home Offices

Not everyone who works from home has the additional benefit of a dedicated room for a workspace. If you’re looking to make out a home office in a corner of your home, accumulate some of these space-saving solutions. Space-Saving Computers You can’t work in today’s world without a computer. And to run many of advance…

Onboarding Safety Essentials by Honeywell

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent” Industrial safety is more than just wearing safety helmets. Even after high-held safety banners, the government’s safety norms and training, there are numerous accidents happening in the workplace. The top five occupations with a maximum number of workplace injuries include service (fireman, police, etc.), manufacturing/production, maintenance, and repair…

Indian Logistics Trends

Indian Logistic Trends 2019 Discussed

The logistics sector has a good share of around 13% in India’s GDP. The sector is growing exponentially with higher investments and drift toward technology. This segment is undergoing continuous changes in security and automation, being the most important aspects. Like every sector, logistic also faces some challenges, along with reforms initiated by the Government….