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Customer Retention- 7 Tricks To Keep Customers!

Customer retention, for small and medium enterprises is very important as it plays the major part in making their business reach great heights. But many small businesses find it difficult to retain their existing client base because of increasing competition and an abundance of diverse services and products on the market that are making businesses go competitive. Have you ever wondered why customers leave your business?

Some of the customers are lured by a competitor; some are turned by product or service disappointment. But majorly people leave because of poor attitude or unresponsiveness on the part of customer service provider. But no need to worry, there are certain ways through which one can retain customers. Following are the 7 best tricks which can help you retain your customer base.

  1. Treat your customers like people– To know about customer’s behavior and to make business sustainable, one should make efforts to relate to customers on a personal level. Showing empathy is one of the best things one can do to make customers more comfortable.
  2. Know your customers- The customer retention and attraction process is very closely related to the sales process. To differentiate yourself from your competition, one should work more on providing the best customer experience.
  3. Listen to their complaints– Improving client attention and retention lies within their complaints. Negative comments are not awful trouble but rather a prized opportunity to know what the client thinks of you. Through criticism, you get a chance to redeem yourself and can improve your services. Listen to their problems, get the necessary information and try to solve their problems as quick as you can.
  4. Focus more on Inbound Marketing– The days of traditional marketing or outbound marketing are gone now. The idea of “getting your clients come to you” is the new niche. One of the most valued and popular strategy is producing valuable content. Content which focuses on solving the problems of your existing as well as potential clients.
  5. Have a Recommendation Program – Whenever customers love your products, they tend to tell about it to their friends and families. This is how their close circle becomes your potential customers. By providing a referral program to your customers via SMS, email etc. you are actually providing an incentive to your customers for just telling about your product to their close circle.
  6. Create separate campaigns for your existing customers– In order to retain your customers and keeping them engaged in your products and services, you have to maintain a regular communication with them. It is necessary to create completely different campaigns for existing clients. One should keep in mind the tone, frequency and the style of the messages.
  7. Stay in touch even after post transaction– Many businesses just focus on making sales instead of making lifelong customers. Provide them with reasons to come back, use apt newsletters so they remember they purchased from you. Provide them with a reason to come back.

Try using these tricks and put them in action for your business, not only retain your customers but you can earn their trust.

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