Car Lights: Smart Way to Light Up Your World

Smart car lights are the heart of any car. Usually, we get attracted to a car that has good exterior. Car lights play an important role in making a car look dazzled. A car looks great with brighter and stylish lights.

Every car is equipped with different types of lights and each car light has its own usage and importance. Some people may not be aware of the kinds of car lights available in the market and their purposes. Here are common types of car light available online and their uses.

Head Lights:

Headlights refer to lamps mounted over cars. These lights are constituted by special lenses and reflectors. A car possesses two types of headlights, low beam, and a high beam that illuminate a path for a driver in dark and signals other drivers. Low beam distributes light to give forward and lateral illumination without blinding other drivers while high beam provides an intense and centric light without any control on glare.

Fog Lights:

Fog usually increases the chances of accidents. People often think whenever driving in fog what lights should be used. To reduce hazards, cars come up with fog lights. These lights are usually installed near headlights. The normal car lights refract on fog by creating a wall of light. It stops the driver to look on the road. At this time, fog lights are the best option to use. These lights remove all complications of lights in a dense fog for drivers.

Tail Lights:

These are also referred to as backlights. These are the red lights at the rear of a car that light up whenever the headlights are on. Tail lights come in pairs and are helpful to make a car visible for the vehicles behind it. With the help of tail lights, you can recognize the distance between you and other cars. These lights reduce the chances to be involved with road accidents.

Brake Lights:

These lights are located on the side of the rear lights. At the time of slowing down or stopping a car, it signals the driver behind you. Brake lights brighten up when the driver presses brake pedals. These lights get activated when only the driver is slowing down. To decrease the chances of accidents, make sure that the brake light works at its optimum functionality.

Hazard Lights:

These lights are also known as flashers. They are located in the front and rear of a car. Flashers must be manually turned on. They are used in emergencies to warn other drivers. When these lights get turned on, they flash signals to other drivers that there is hazard ahead. Never use flashers on a stop signal or to park illegally.

Projection LED Lights:

These lights are very popular nowadays. Projector car light is a simple lens that focuses the light source on the road. They are quite similar to a movie projector you have at your home or office. At Moglix, you can find a variety of projector LED lights of various brands.

These are the types of car lights available in the market. Knowing about these lights can make you safer. If you are planning to buy car lights, you can visit We have a wide and the latest range of car lights. Here you can purchase them online from the best brands and at an affordable price. So, hurry up and make yourself and others safe.

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