The safe use of Brush Cutter

Stanley brush cutter is designed to achieve the best possible results. It is being designed to provide new levels of ease and comfort. By using trimmer head you can also trim the grass around your lawn borders and other areas difficult to reach.

Thank you for choosing a Stanley brush cutter.  The following guide will enable you to be properly prepared for using your brush cutter. It will guide you  with maintenance and get the most out of it.

These brush cutters are equipped with a straight shaft and anti-vibration features for hassle-free operations.

Preparation and Safety

Before using the product please take a little time to study the manual guide. It will make  the whole trimming and brush cutting  experience safer and more  pleasurable.

Hearing protection–  Choose hearing  protection that provide you with adequate noise reduction .

Eye Protection– Protection of  your eyes is also essential.   Besides wearing  of face  shield . You need to protect your eyes.

Gloves– Gloves  should also be worn which help you in operating the machine and protecting your hands. Wear High quality and heavy -duty gloves.

Clothing-Clothes should be made of strong fabric. And avoid wearing loose clothing that can catch on bushes,branches or obstacles.

Your machine also comes complete with Stanley  Black&Decker  harness. This will also help  you to operate your brush cutter more safely and comfortably. Your brush cutter is operated by an efficient two stroke engine.


  • Always make sure that the brush cutter has cooled down from its first use before it’s taken refueling.
  • Hold both handles until the cutting tool has come to complete stop after turning off the engine,  blades will still keep  rotating so pls wait for sometime till it comes to rest.
  • Take special precaution when the working technique is applied because  the further away the cutting tool is from the ground, the higher is the risk that objects to be cut and particles will be hurled sideways.
  • Severe injuries can be caused by misuse of the brush cutter and also damage to the tool.

Proper Use

The attachments used in the petrol brush cutter should be used for the intended purpose.Like cutting grass, brushes and small shrubs. The maufacturer will not liable if the tool is used for any improper function or if there is any modification of any kind. Read the manual carefully follow the guidelines for operating instructions and also for prevailing accidents prevention regulations.

Note on  safety

It is not permitted to either start or use the petrol brush cutter till you safeguard your own working area.  You are responsible for the safety in your working area, and you are liable for damages to persons or property. Make sure that no persons or animals are close to the working area. Safeguard your workplace with  minimum distance of 15m radius.

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