Save Environment, Save Earth!

The environment is an ultimate important treasure we own. And we human beings have ended up treating it recklessly. According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of 10 people worldwide are exposed to levels of air pollutants that exceed safe levels.

We all are well aware of the impact of air pollution on our health, but we give a blind eye to the coming trouble. Remember the days, especially around Diwali, when the Air index increases to ~500 – we suffocate and carve for a single breath of fresh air. We need to understand if the quality of air will keep on decreasing the way it has been decreasing, fresh air will become a luxury which will not be available to more than 90% of the living and coming generations.

To create awareness about our environment, every year on 5th June, The World Environment Day is celebrated and this year’s theme is “Beat Air Pollution”. We, humans, have lasted a devastating impact on the world’s air, which has started taking its toll on us. Now that media and social experts have started highlighting our tragic impact on air and with people dying from toxic air pollution, people have actually started noticing the importance and are trying to make changes in their lifestyle to minimize the adverse effects on air and environment.

Types of Air Pollution

  • Household air pollution which occurs due to the burning of cow dung, wood, and other biomass-based fuels, leads to around 3.8 million premature deaths, mostly in developing countries like India.
  • Industrial and transport pollution is responsible for thousands of premature deaths worldwide annually. Around 24 percent of greenhouse gas emission worldwide comes from agriculture, forestry, and other land-use.
  • Waste burning and dumping also release harmful dioxins, methane, and black carbon into the atmosphere while volcanic outbreaks, dust storms, and other natural processes also contribute to global air pollution.

7 Tips to protect yourself from Unhealthy Air

Here are some simple yet effective tips for protecting your family and you from the dangers of air pollution.

  • While stepping out, check air pollution forecasts in your area.
  • Avoid exercising outdoors when air pollution levels are high. Limit the amount of time you or your child spends playing outdoors if the air quality is bad.
  • Always carry face mask which is also known as Anti-Pollution Mask with you.
  • Try to use less electrical energy at home as generating electricity and various sources of energy creates air pollution.
  • Avoid burning of wood and trash as it is one of the leading factors which cause air pollution.
  • Avoid using personal vehicles for commuting. Use more of public transports or opt for carpool!
  • Avoid the usage of air conditioners as they emit CFCs- Chlorofluorocarbons, which are the major reason for global warming and air pollution.

We all as living beings have to understand that the environment is the most prominent thing; if we want to ensure better health and life to our coming generations. We all are not expected to do great things, but small changes in our lifestyle are enough to do our part. If we understand this and contribute our bit to the nature and environment, pollution and danger to the environment will become a thing of the past, and we will offer a better world to live in to our children.

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