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As Temper is for Phone, Helmet is for Head!

Riding a motorcycle is fun and adventurous but with adventure comes danger. You can only enjoy it if you are alive. For the danger, you have precautions as they are always better than cures we know!

According to the study, in 2016 estimated 1,859 lives of motorcyclists were saved. Data shows that 37% of deaths can be saved by just wearing helmets. It isn’t too hard to put on that one safety gear right?

So, next time when you go out for a good drive always remember to carry the helmet along with you. 

Motorcycle helmets are different from bike helmets and come at various types and prices.

This blog will let you through various types of helmets available in the market and their uses.

Types of motorcycle helmets –

There are different types of motorcycle helmets based on the type of safety. Majorly there are six types of helmets-

1.Full face helmet-

This is the full-fledged safest helmet. It covers your face and neck completely. the most distinguished feature it comes with is the chin bar. The potential impact of damaged is caused on the chin and jaw in an accident and only this type of helmet can provide you the protection with that.

Full-face helmets are versatile for any rider, regardless of what type of motorbike or wherever you are ridding it.

Sports biker sits in a crouched position hence they require a helmet that is prevented from lifting from high speed. Hence, they go for the ones with a longer chin bar and visor opening on the top of it.

These come with ventilation to prevent sweat and keep it cool in summers and vents can be closed in winters to prevent the flow of the air.

2.Modular helmets-

These are also known as flip-up helmets. As the chin bar and visor can flip up to open the front of the helmet. They are a mix of full-face helmets and ¾ helmets. The material assorted is similar to that of full face. 

These are comparatively heavier as they come with various features on the flip-up front area. Modular helmets are modules, keeping the upright position of the rider.

These provide lesser safety than the full-faced helmets but are safer than the ¾ or ¼ ones because of the chin protection.

These are adventure, cruiser, and tourers helmets, hence they come with a dual visor or anti-fog element features.

3.Half face (¾) helmets –

As the name suggests these do not cover your face. These are ¾ helmets that provide cover to the top and back of your head. These are for the scooter or cafe racers and tourers. It is less safe as they do not have chin protection and leaves your face exposed to open.

These are lighter than full-faced helmets as they do not come with chin support. They have partial visors that protect the eyes but no protection from weather and dust on the roads. 

4.Half face helmets –

These only provide cover to the top of your head or slightly back. The face and ear are exposed open, making them very less protective. They provide airflow, they usually don’t have a visor so you need to buy extra gears to protect your eyes.  

5.Off-road helmets –

This has got its name from the purpose of serving the riding in dust and off roads. These are not ideal for the city but more for those off-roading dusty tracks. These are different from ¾ helmets. It has a more prominent chin bar for better ventilation and a larger visor to cover the full face.

These provide better protection, are light in weight, and have better airflow for a comfortable riding experience.

6.Dual sports helmets-

These are a mix of full-face and off-road helmets. It has a design similar to that of off-road but has a larger visor and lower chin bar. these come with comfortable padding like that of full-face helmets, making it both for off-roading and on-road rides.

Provides protection to the eye with a larger visor but it can flip up and you can enjoy the airflow by attaching a goggle to it.

So if you are going on a trip or terrain area with different weather conditions carry this with you and enjoy the protection and airflow as you like.

So now you see how important the helmet is. There is a whole variety of motorbike helmets to choose from! Wanna know how to find the perfect fit so read!

If you wish to explore and choose the best range of motorcycle helmets and other bike accessories visit www.moglix.com.

Get the temper for your head today. 

Happy riding to you!

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