Choose the Right Brush Cutter with Moglix!

Do you like to keep your lawn and farm clean? Then you must require much more than just watering and mowing your yields. Preventing your farms from high grass, shrubs, weeds, and unwanted small trees, etc is thoroughly necessary, for such a task a brush cutter suits all your needs of maintaining your land. As you won’t be able to trim outgrown grass in good order with some of the traditional cutting tools. 

This is when you will need a brush cutter, this tool is used in many ways when it comes to cutting unwanted patches of grass, trimming dense bushes. At Moglix, you can find Electrical and Petrol operated brush cutters with just one click. 

Electric Brush Cutter:

Electric brush cutters are available from 200 to 240v, as the motor runs on high-voltage it provides a precise cut to get the work done easily. We mostly use these for paddy grass, crops, and weeds. These brush cutters are efficient for smaller field areas, as per the convenience of an electric socket.

Petrol Brush Cutter:

Petrol brush cutters are available in 2 strokes and 4 stroke engines and come in 2 variants shoulder-mounted and in a backpack.

  • 2-stroke Engines are smaller comparatively but have much more fuel consumption. These are easy to maintain and operate, mostly suitable for hand-held garden tools.
  • 4 stroke engines have more output than 2-stroke engines to perform harder operations. These are heavier in weight, but with much lesser fuel consumption. The cost of 4 stroke engines is a bit higher than 2 strokes engines.

Brush cutter come in a sheer variety of attachments for perfectly performing all your needs of cutting and trimming.

Brush Cutter Attachments:

These brush cutters come with many attachments such as Paddy Guard, Tiller, Hedge Trimmer, Chainsaw, etc.

  • Paddy Guard- Paddy Guard is used for holding the pile of grass from the ground level while cutting is performed. This comes in 2 detachable parts and it is very easy to assemble.
  • Tiller/Cultivator- There have 2 different types of Tiller – flat tiller and round tiller. This attachment can help you out for breaking up the soil and make it ideal for cultivating the crops; at Moglix you can find such brush cutters packed with tiller and cultivator attachment. 
  • Hedge Trimmer- These trimmers are mostly used for places where mowers cannot reach to manage the hedges in your lawn and garden.
  • Chainsaw- Chainsaws are types of equipment that are used to cut down trees with an ease 

Also, the use of the Tri-Arc blade with double line bump head & quick release shoulder straps makes them very convenient to use. A high recoil starting system makes these brush cutters a convenient option both for professional farmers as well as home-based users.

Cleaning and maintaining your brush cutter is a vital role to ensure long-term use, make sure to follow these instructions.

  • You must drain the fuel tank before cleaning the cutter.
  • Remove and examine the spark plug thoroughly. 
  • Clean or replace (if needed) the plug before storing the machine. 
  • Remove and clean the metal cutting blade.
  • Regularly check for damages and any signs of corrosion. 
  • Store the brush cutter in the hanging up position. This position saves space. 

In the case of interior decor, Farming is an art in itself. To help Farmers & gardening enthusiasts maintain their land in a perfect manner, we at Moglix have sourced the newest range of brush cutters. Available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, we have sourced our range of brush cutters from brands such as Neptune, Greenleaf, Mactan, Turner, etc. 

Our range includes models equipped with a professional bike handle with an acceleration control trigger. The collections we offer are highly compact & portable. Therefore, they can be used in many parts of gardens. Enhancing the look of your garden overnight.

Happy Gardening!!

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