Buy a Perfect Wood Router

Buying Guide For The Perfect Wood Router

Whether you are a beginner in carpentry business or a professional carpenter, a router is always consistent in your tool collection. A router is a simple tool that spins a cutting bit and is indispensable in a power tool workshop. The best wood router could be used for a wide range of complex woodworking jobs and are vital for producing beautiful pieces of art. 

Why Router is Used?

Routers offer a stable base and are best for cutting grooves. It has the ability to adjust the bit up or down. It can also install bits of different sizes and shapes. 

A router is great for cutting tongue and groove joints, mortises, and tenons.

Two Major Types of Routers

There are two major types of routers: 

Large Routers 

Large routers have 1.75 to 3.25 HP motors. These machines are incredibly powerful machines. These routers are great for removing extra material and can be used with a router table.

Small Routers

Small routers are also known as trim or laminate routers. These routers are given this name because of their job of cutting edge banding flush pieces of plywood in constructing cabinets. These routers come with motors in the 1 to 1.25 HP range. 

Features to Look for Before Buying a Router

Let’s look at some extra functions that will make a woodworking experience easier. 

Router Table – If you have mounted your router on a table, it enables more control, comfort, and consistency. You can easily build and place router tables easily.

Microfine Deepness Cut – This function allows a worker to make accurate depth cut for greater precision, comfort, and adaptability. 

Dirt Collection – If you want to keep your shop clean and tidy. This feature is the best, as it collects the dust and dirt and keeps the place tidy. 

Soft Start – Look for a router that has a soft start and the electric motor that delicately accelerates to the predetermined speed. If a router does not have a soft start, its sudden rise of power can snag the router out of your hands, triggering a safety and security danger. 

Variable Speed – This is one of the important features to look for as variable speed allows you to adjust the speed on the basis of the type of bit that you are using a router.

Spindle Lock – This feature is beneficial to many people as various routers need 2 wrenches for making bit adjustments. But if you are using a spindle lock, you can hold the electric motor shaft in the desired position and for that, you just need one wrench.

Routers are incredibly versatile tools. If you are planning to start assembling your tool collection. You can start with a large router because it can do so many things smoothly. Now as you are aware of the features that you need to look before buying a router, visit our website and get the best routers at a very reasonable price. 

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