Tips to Clean and Regular Maintain a Mitre Saw

Mitre saw is one of the favorite tools for craft makers and carpenters. It is a handy power tool that gets the job done smoothly every time. But unfortunately, most of its owners do not know how to clean and maintain it. A well maintained saw deliver best quality cuts and also lasts longer if inspected regularly. 

Cleaning and maintaining your mitre saw is not a tough task. Make it a habit and you can take good care of your saw for years. Follow some below-mentioned tips that can help you get started. 

Eliminate Debris and Dust Particles: First step to clean and maintain your mitre saw is eliminating dust. Compressed air is the best option to blow off dust particles from the tool’s surface. Pay more attention to moving parts of the tool and make sure that no dust is left on them. 

The work is not yet finished. Also, ensure to clean a mitre saw by using a dry cloth or rag so that it looks new.

Clean Mitre Saw Cutting Table and Fence: People often think that if the tool cleaning is done once, their job is finished. However, that is not the case. Regular cleaning of the tools and their parts is very important. 

To do so, you would require a clean cloth or sponge. Use a fluid circular motion to clean the table and fence. Apply some force on its surface, especially where there are cracked particles. Ensure that you remove all dust particles from the surface.

Clean and Sharpen Blades: Blades play a very important role to enhance the functionality of saws. This is why it is highly recommended to clean its blades.

Be very careful while removing debris from the teeth of blades. Never use your bare hands to do so. You should use a brush or wear thick gloves. After removing debris, apply some oil on the surface of its blade in the circular motion.

If the blades have become blunt, sharpen them. Make sure that you use the right sharpening tools otherwise blades can be damaged. 

Clean Moving Parts: You should not overlook the exterior parts of a mitre saw while cleaning it. Apply lubricant on such parts to reduce friction and make them functional easily. It also increases the longevity of the parts.

Check Kerf Board, Brushes, and Power Cord: Inspect chipping, cracks, crumbling, and breakages on the brushes. Check the power cord to see if there are any cracks or cuts. If any part is worn out, replace it. 

Following these maintenance tips can help you keep your mitre saw in its best condition and can extend its life. If you want to operate it perfectly, make sure you inspect it regularly and fix the issues (if any).

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