Drill Machines – Mini Buying Guide

Since their inception, drill machines have come a long way, owing to their ability to add value to a number of distinct areas, for instance infrastructure, mining and many fields that involve building, demolishing or exploring. In today’s modern world, manufacturers can be seen swedging over one another, in order to secure consumer’s attention. As a result, the marketplace has been saturated with different kinds of drill machines; while some boasts of actual features, which are required to perform complex tasks, others just play the means for manufacturers, seeking consumer attention.

This means from a consumer perspective, it becomes difficult to choose the right drilling machine that’ll be able to meet the diverse demands of the job. Therefore, in order to facilitate you to buy the best drilling machine, which completely fits your bill; we’ve curated this article which will help you sail through the buying process with great ease.

Before we begin

What will you be using the drill for?

First contemplate on the fact whether you’ll be using it to carry out day to day household tasks, such as putting up shelves or hanging pictures, or will you be using it as a part of a bigger renovation, or for industrial purposes. Most drills are equipped with multiple functions, and accessories which are adept in carrying out any kind of job quite easily, however mulling upon your own usage criterion will significantly help in narrowing down your search.

We’ve segregated drills according to their different types and power sources, in order to help chisel out your work. Read on!

 Depending on Power Source

Cordless Drill Machines Corded Drill Machines
·         These drill machines can be used anywhere around the home, proving to be immensely convenient.·         These drills can be a bit heavier than their corded counterparts, owing to inbuilt battery system.·         Emerges out to be a saviour when working in those hard-to-reach areas.·         Comes in two battery options – Lithium-ion & interchangeable batteries.·         Leading cordless drill machine brands – Bosch, Dewalt, Makita and Hitachi. ·         A corded drill machine is ideal for those heavy-duty jobs that might take a long time to finish.·         With a constant supply of power there is no need to change or wait to recharge batteries.·         When using a corded drill, be aware that you will have a trailing lead behind you that can be a trip hazard.·         Leading Corded Drill machine brands – StanleyTiger, Yiking & KPT Shakti.

Types of Drill Machines

There are three types of drill machines you can choose from. We have mentioned below all of them, outlining their key features and the kind of jobs they are best suited for, so that you may figure out which option is right for you.


Drill Drivers

If you need a drill machine, which can cope with those entire small and big jobs in your home, then you should seriously think of buying a drill driver. The application of these drivers is not just confined to drilling holes; they can also loosen and tighten screws, saving you from the hassles of purchasing an additional electric screw driver for the same.



combiCombi Drills

Combi drills are almost identical to drill drivers; the only difference is of an additional feature that makes them suitable for drilling into harder materials – Two metal disks, located just behind the rotating drill, click in and out against each other, pounding the drill bit forward. This functionality makes combi drills a pragmatic choice over other drill machines. As the name itself suggests, it is a combination of two tools in one, a hammer and a drill, implying that you do not have to buy each separately



Hammer Drills

A hammer drill is equipped with a SDS drill bit for a hassle free concrete drilling. Boasting of a hammer function which taps the drill bit as it drills, helps in moving through denser materials. Hammer drill is designed for industrial purposes & only a trivial amount of people find it suitable for home usage.


One additional feature of hammer drills is that you can easily separate out the hammer function, allowing you to use it as a regular drill. This function is indispensable when creating a channel in a wall to hide wire or cables.

If you are looking to buy drill machines, you should checkout our collection, which boasts of the most powerful and effective drill machines, manufactured by renowned brands such as Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Stanley, Dewalt and KPT Shakti.

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