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Steel Toe Industrial Safety Shoes – Are they Really Safer?

Use of personal protective equipment has gained momentum in recent years owing to an  increase in number of workplace injuries. Although, core industrial workplaces, such as construction, manufacturing and mining pose plethora of grave safety & health hazards to workers, it is foot related injuries that have ignited a sense of apprehension in the industry. These injuries have become a commonplace, causing significant morbidity, disability & lost wages.

According to a recent study conducted by the bureau of labor statistics, almost 50%of all injuries are foot related. Use of steel and composite toed industrial safety shoes is the most dependable approach in combatting foot injuries. However, there is little or no information published regarding the actual extent of protection provided. A longstanding belief is that industrial safety shoes pose a much sizeable threat to the wearer, as compared to regular footwear. Why so?  Steel toe safety shoes, when/if smushed by a substantial amount of weight, might amputate the section of the foot underneath, i.e. the toes.

The belief is so pervasive that we thought of delving deeper into the scene. After rummaging through a number of reports and experiments, we stumbled upon the most credible one carried out by Massachusetts General Hospital.

What do you think the results were?

Interesting outcomes were recorded when the Massachusetts General dropped a hulking, 100 kg of solid metal from a height of 3 feet onto 5 pairs of each; steel toe safety shoes and non-steel toe safety shoes. Furthermore, in order to simulate the human foot, and the injuries incurred during each procession, cadaver foot lower extremities were used.

The result showed that the cadavers in the regular shoes sustained an average of 8.2 fractures per foot, while the ones in the steel toe safety shoes sustained just 3.2 fractures per foot! A drastic severity reduction of almost 67%.


X-ray of a cadaveric forefoot after crush impact in a regular work boot (left) and in a steel toe capped work boot (right).

On the same note, a number of distinct experiments were carried out using different weights and footwear, and every result pin-pointed towards the adeptness of steel toe safety shoes in providing comprehensive protection, and fortifying the feet from perilous hazards.

What can be incurred from these experiments?

All of these experiments illustrate that a worker deployed in harsh environments, such as in construction sites, manufacturing units or mining fields is indeed much safer when wearing a pair of steel toe safety shoes or composite toe safety shoes. You can buy safety shoes on Moglix. While it is understood that the safety shoes might not completely avert the injury, they sure are adept in diminishing its grave effects to a significant low!

Therefore, will you be wearing steel toe safety shoes to work? We believe you will!

We hope we’ve cleared the mist, and disseminated relevant information regarding the importance of safety shoes. However, one aspect which needs to be kept in mind is; wearing safety shoes is one thing, and wearing quality safety shoes is another!

The market is filled to the brim with different types of industrial safety shoes, some of which are mentioned below:

Type of Industrial Safety Shoes Suitable for Popular Brands
Steel Toe Safety Shoes Workplaces which entails higher risk of falling objects, for example construction sites. Acme, JCB, Hillson, Liberty
·Electrical Hazards Saf­ety Shoes Workplaces which demand the worker to work with electricity panels, cables and equipment, for instance production lines & manufacturing units. JK Steel, Timberwood, Polo
Metal Insole Safety Shoes Workplaces which involve higher risk of lying sharp objects, which may puncture the sole. For instance mining and construction. Karam, Kavacha, Tiger


­It holds crucial importance for the wearer to choose wisely, and run a comprehensive check for top brands, and then finalize upon the most suitable one.

We understand that little knowledge is a dangerous thing; therefore, in order to help chisel out your work, we have curated the list of top industrial safety shoes brands, which will help you entrust comprehensive protection to your feet. Read on!

Hillson Safety Shoes

Hillson safety shoes boasts of more than three decades of experience and expertise in the Indian safety shoe industry. Hillson safety shoes have confined their focus on manufacturing products which can endure, and perform immensely well in extreme conditions. Hillson safety shoes product range boasts of Steel toe safety shoes, High and low ankle safety shoes, gumboots and metal insoles.

Allen Cooper Safety Shoes

Allen cooper safety shoes, since its inception in India a couple of years back has taken the Indian personal protective equipment industry by storm! Backed by its robust and innovative product line, Allen cooper safety shoes have tapped immense success in the market. Their product catalogue boasts of a plethora of distinct products, such as Low & High ankle safety shoes, Metatarsal safety shoes, steel toe and puncture resistant shoes.

ACME Safety Shoes

It’s been a decade since Acme safety shoes started their India operations. And not to mention, they have been at the forefront of innovation in the safety footwear industry. Acme safety shoes have been recognized and certified by a plethora of esteemed institutions, owing to their cutting edge product design and robust quality. Acme safety shoes, in addition to being rugged and comfortable, are relatively affordable than safety shoes manufactured by other brands. This implies that buying Acme safety shoes will definitely return more value for your money.

Karam Safety Shoes

With increasing advancements in the field of personal protective equipment, and with continuous elevations in the global standards, India demanded for a thought leader in the untapped field of PPE, and fortunately karam safety shoes emerged out as a saviour. Incorporated a couple of years back, karam safety shoes is now regarded as one of the most highly venerated personal protective equipment manufacturing Indian enterprise.

Tiger Safety Shoes

Tiger safety shoes have introduced a wide range of safety shoes, which are lightweight, combines the toughness of a safety shoe with a modern touch of contemporary footwear, and the best, they are affordable. They offer a plethora of benefits, they do not just fortify your feet from perilous hazards, but they help in up-keeping your general health as well. What else? If you are seeking a pair of safety shoes online, tiger safety shoes are undoubtedly your best bet in this regard!

With our consistent approach towards delivering value to our readers, and provide credible solutions, we have put together this informative content, to help you shop good, sans any hurdles.

6 Ps of Wearing Protective Footwear at Work

Protects You from Falling & Flying Objects

As discussed above, if you are deployed in a core industrial environment, you may never know when something is going to smush your feet at work. This makes wearing steel toe safety shoe imperative, as their protective toe covering can endure upto 60 kg of falling pressure from upto 3 feet. Therefore, your precious feet will be fortified from just about everything at work.

Protect You from Punctures or Cutting Hazards

Working in construction or mining sites entails a number of unforeseen hazards! You might have fortified your toes from falling objects; however what if a lying protruding object, penetrates through the sole? We believe you can imagine the severe morbidity. Therefore, in order to keep such instances at bay, wear puncture resistant safety shoes.

Protect You from Electrical Hazards

Deemed as one of the most highly devastating impacts, a human body can sustain, an electric shock can severely defunct an individual’s body in an instant! Therefore, it is of crucial importance that a worker wears steel toe boots rated for electrical hazards, and prevents the build-up of static.

Prevent You from Slipping, Tripping or Falling

Clutching the ground firmly is what anti-skid safety shoes are known for! A one equipped with a good lugged sole will definitely keep you from slipping, tripping & possibly falling. Falls have become a common place on most of the job sites. Wearing the right safety shoes will decrease your prospects of becoming a part of this statistic.

Prevent You from Getting Fatigued

A pair of lightweight and comfortable safety shoes will enhance your work efficiency big time! Moreover, wearing well-fitting safety shoes will reduce fatigue, keep you from tripping & prevent your feet from developing deformities.

Protection from Extreme Weather Conditions

The world at large must be knowing about the points listed above, however one benefit on which only a few might have mulled upon is; protection from extreme temperatures. Double density soles, breathable material lining, and high end upper material will prevent even the most harsh weather conditions from having any impact on your feet. In addition, with proper waterproofing features in place, safety shoes will keep your feet dry too, preventing any fungal development.

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