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How to improve Supplier Relationship & Performance

How to Improve Supplier Relationship & Performance

Procurement companies and professionals alike are always hunting for techniques to review, concretize & improve upon relations with their suppliers.  The flipping of a calendar year provides a good opportunity to evaluate supplier performance in order to have seamless coordination whole year long. Nowadays, there are a number of ways to collect feedback. However, the…

How Manufacturers Can Indulge Themselves In Comprehensive, Yet Profitable Trades

How Manufacturers Can Indulge Themselves in Comprehensive, Yet Profitable Trades?

A global economy implies that fair trade can take place across borders to the benefit of both, the buyer as well as the seller, however, from the perspective of manufacturers a global economy simply translates into tougher competition, more demanding customer needs and fast-paced change. In order to succeed in such a competitive environment, companies…

E-Commerce (EC) – Key to sustainable profitability for the Industrial distributors

From our learning from the wonderful webinar organized by the Industrial Distribution Media on 3rd Sep E-commerce platforms (EC) are increasingly being used by the top Industrial Supplies distributors across the globe as a key tool to achieve sustainable profitability. The distributors of the matured markets like North America have been on the look out…