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Best Industrial Tools in the Market by Stanley

Searching for the perfect Industrial tools for your job is not a simple task. The requirements of people vary as per the aspects like features, durability, reliability, budget, and more.

You might be looking for a high-speed or a power drill machine while someone might need a lightweight model or the one that fits in their budget. Whatever the case may be, but one thing is common to everyone; a powerful tool that makes the job easier and smoother. After significant research, we have listed down the best industrial tools by Stanley that fulfill the needs of professionals as well as beginners. The research includes the top essential tools based on features, speed, weight, power, price, users’ reviews, and more. Check out the list below:

Stanley 1320W Tile Cutter, STSP125

A Tile cutter is the most common power tool in day-to-day uses, with its sharp circular saws one can easily cut woods, steel, ceramic tiles, etc. They equip this machine with a powerful 1320W motor for the highest working efficiency and high performance. It has a 125mm capacity guard, which makes it suitable for all job-site applications. Its high-capacity gear set produces less vibration, lower noise & gives your machine a longer life span, Even if you are a beginner then its height-adjustable shoe allows you to cut at various depths.

Stanley 1320W tile cutter comes with a soft handle grip, which makes it easy to use for a much longer duration.   

The ergonomic design, Lightweight and price range of this product is widely acknowledged in the market for easy handling, safe usage, compact design, powerful performance, and longer life which makes this tile cutter suitable for our list of Best industrial tools in the market.


  • Lower noise and longer life span.
  • Powerful 1320 W motor for high working efficiency.
  • Lock-on-off switch to prevent accidental activation, Ergonomic Design, Carbon brush access caps for easy access and quick change.

Stanley 32mm 800W Percussion Drill, STDH8013 

No matter if you are a professional or a DIYer, drills are the basic requirement for every industrial job. Stanley offers the best quality percussion drill in the market, as this drill is best suitable for its hammer action for drilling into brick and masonry. Stanley 32mm 800W Percussion Drill provides durable gear housing for a longer life span and gives you high working efficiency. The drill has excellent rotary and impact speed, which makes it a must-have for every professional or DIY user. 

All Stanley products prioritize the user safety features as this drill comprises a lock-on button for one-hand control and the side handle to provide additional control.


  • Durable Chuck Prevents Bit Loose During Operation.
  • Durable Metal Gear Housing for a Long Life Span.
  • Adjustable Variable Speed Dial Control with Forward & Reverse Mode.
  • Lock-on Button for One Hand Control & User Safety.
  • Rubber Grips for Maximum User Comfort.
  • Side Handle to Provide Additional Control.
  • Depth Guide for Making Correct Measurement.

Stanley Hex Chipping Demolition Hammer, STHM5KH-IN

Stanley Hex chipping demolition hammer is ergonomic and compact in design that maximizes the controlling. It also has an anti-vibration handle with its spring delivering extremely low vibration and more comfort. Its modular design allows quick access to key components for faster and cheaper service.


  • Ergonomic and compact design maximizes control.
  • Anti Vibration handle with spring delivers extremely low vibration and more comfort.
  • The 360-degree side handle maintains user comfort in any application.
  • Class-leading 1010 watts motor delivers outstanding performance for light demolition, surface preparation, or chi-selling.
  • ON/OFF rocker switch for hassle-free continuous usage.

Stanley 2000W Heat Gun, STXH2000

This beautiful Stanley 2000W Heat Gun is a great product that provides the best variable E heating service. This gun is quite handy and works well in terms of heating. The minimum heat it provides is 50 to 450c and max it can reach 600c. The amazing part of this gun is that one can control the heat energy and can set it easily as per their convenience. Importantly the variable working of the product is quite good, as one can work with it on a large scale.


  • 2 Speed heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all heat gun applications.
  • Both hands can be free for soldering or bending operations.
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use even over extended periods of time.
  • Lock-on switch for continuous use applications.
  • The standing facility allows using both hands for soldering or bending operations.
  • Variable heat setting for material-appropriate working and a large variety of applications.

This is our list of Best industrial tools in the market by Stanley, providing a superior quality of products with an unmatched utilitarian value to its consumers, StanleyBlack&Decker also promises a 1 Year of Warranty on all your Stanley power tools products(Details are mentioned below)

If any of your Stanley Power tool product becomes defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within 12 months from the date of purchase, StanleyBlack&Decker guarantees to replace the unit free of charge or, at their discretion, replace the unit free of charge provided that:

  • The product has not been misused.
  • The product has been subject to Fair Wear & Tear.
  • The repair has not been attempted by an unauthorized person.
  • Proof of purchase or warranty card is produced.

So, if you are planning to buy the best industrial tools, you can visit our website Moglix.com. Here, you can find power tools offered by one of the best brands such as Stanley at an affordable price.

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