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Moglix Credit Line

Moglix Credit Line: Credit Loans For Your Business Made Fast, Flexible & Easy.

WHAT IS MOGLIX CREDIT LINE? To alleviate the shopping experience of customers, Moglix has partnered with credit providers and rolled out an empirical, ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option, deemed as ‘Moglix Credit Line’, using which, customers can buy products from our platform, on credit. With a pre-defined credit limit, a customer can make purchases on…

Four trends that manufacturers can’t miss in 2016

While sourcing and procurement go hand in hand to establish a concordant relationship among the supply chain agencies, the dynamics of the business environment in 2016 calls for a better arrangement in future global settings. One of the factors that will subsequently influence decision-making in  procurement department, is the ability to integrate technology-driven methods in…

Hello from Moglix!

Today, 15th of August, we celebrate the Independence Day of India. What could be a better day for us to say a big “Hello” to the world? We at Moglix embarked upon an exciting journey 5 months back to build a technology led organization solving for large real world problems. Moglix took a simple problem…