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Moglix Credit Line

Moglix Credit Line: Credit Loans For Your Business Made Fast, Flexible & Easy.


To alleviate the shopping experience of customers, Moglix has partnered with credit providers and rolled out an empirical, ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option, deemed as ‘Moglix Credit Line’, using which, customers can buy products from our platform, on credit.

With a pre-defined credit limit, a customer can make purchases on Moglix.com, without having to pay for the products immediately. In addition, the credited amount can be recompensed by the buyer, to the creditors, at a later stage.

This feature will not only save you from the hassles of entering credit card details repeatedly, it will make it a notch easier for customers to buy products in bulk and, settle the bills together.


When it comes to financial aspects, concerning your procurement and, organization’s growth and profitability, you would actually strive for the best solution, isn’t it? In addition, you would always want to make sure that your business keeps getting benefited from a steady flow of income and, a safety net to secure your and, your organization’s future as well. This transports us to a rather prosperous scenario of growth prospects.

Procurement business loans, if applied at the right point of time and, derived from an equitable institution can accentuate and, nurture an organization’s reach and, scope in a comprehensive manner. On the contrary, if you accrue a loan from a financial institution, sans any prior planning and, plotting, might prove to be a liability than to be an asset.

Therefore, if you are a business owner and, you are seeking a credit loan for your procurement, register now with Moglix and, witness the magic unfold!

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