Vacuum cleaners – making life easy since the 20th century!

They make a great part of our cleaning essentials products. It’s an electrically driven device that helps you clean any kind of surface with suction power. So handy isn’t it? But when you are looking for the best vacuum cleaners from a diversity of the products available, it’s not that easy! A lot of thoughts cross our mind – power, type, use, and our pockets! We will provide clarity for all your doubts and questions, by keeping all the considerations in mind. 

Types of vacuum cleaners for your shopping carts

Let’s explore different types of vacuum cleaners to find which one is best for you-

1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

These vacuum cleaners are best suited for small, hard, or carpeted surfaces. They come with a suction hose and a long wand cord to make your cleaning easy and maneuver. There is a separate unit for motor and dirt receptacle that makes it more flexible and versatile. Altogether it is best for multi-surface use.

2. Upright vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are the most popular types of cleaners present in nearly all households. They have motor-driven beater brushes that enable fast and effective cleaning through suction. Upright vacuum cleaners are supreme for large carpeted areas and can also be used on bare floors. These come with various features and attachments like height adjustments, different designs, and many more making them very versatile.

3. Handheld vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are the portable vacuum cleaners that come with a cord or can be cordless. These provide a lot of possibilities as these are lightweight, easy to use, and typically battery driven making them portable.

4. The Sweeper of Stick vacuum-

Stick vacuum cleaners gets its name from the appearance of its long stick design.

The middle ground between upright and handheld vacuums makes sweeper or stick vacuums. These are lightweight and powered using batteries which makes them handheld. Wherein the design of a traditional vacuum makes it upright in construction facilitating better spill cleaning on bare floors and low carpeted areas. Hence, these are mostly used on bathroom and kitchen floors.

Comparison Chart

What to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner  –

The vacuum cleaners come in a wide variety of features, designs, and colors which makes it very difficult for the buyers to add the best one to their cart.

Other than sleek and attractive designs various things should be taken care of while finding the right cleaner that fits all the cleaning requirements.

Here are some of the major things to keep in mind while shopping for vacuum cleaners –

1. Usage –

There are different types of vacuum cleaners for cleaning different areas. so, while looking for a cleaner you should know what purpose you want it to serve. Like do you want to clean fabricated areas or hardwood floors? Choose the vacuum that serves all your cleaning needs according to its usage.

2. Bagged or Bagless

Bagged vacuum cleaners make it easier for you to clean and replace the cleaning bag but at the same time, it adds a little cost and effort to clean or replace the bag. Wherein the bagless vacuum cleaner saves your efforts but sometimes scatters the particles or allergens. 

3. Wet or dry cleaners

If there is high usage of cleaning spills or clogged water then wet vacuum cleaners are the best. They contain waterproof containers that clean the spills and water blockage without letting the water enter the fan or other electrical parts. Whereas dry vacuum cleaners are not made for cleaning liquids.

4. Cord or cordless 

If you are looking for portable cleaners or smaller areas for pets, children, or cars, cordless vacuum cleaners come in handy. When it comes to cleaning floors or larger areas of fabric or bare floors choose the cord cleaners accordingly. 

5. Shape 

Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes and designs. Getting stick, canister or upright cleaners are dependent on the use of vacuum cleaners you are putting it up for. Make the looks matter accordingly!

6. Price and sale 

The higher the price better the product doesn’t go well for vacuum cleaners! While looking for the cleaner for your cleaning essentials do not go for the price instead look for the features and usage it exhibits. 

Look out for the sales or discounts you are getting on the desired brand and model on different platforms and purchase according to the one that is best for your cleaning task and pocket.

So now you know that getting a perfect vacuum cleaner for serving your cleaning purposes is not as simple as it seems to be. Look out for everything and make your cart a happy doorstep delivery. To choose from a wide variety and types of vacuum cleaners at the best deals and prices visit www.moglix.com.

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