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Importance of safety shoes in a workplace

“ Better to be safe than sorry”, goes an old saying. One can find it  quite stressful  about what footwear to use in day to day life .But when choosing safety footwear one can get very confused about what to decide from different styles available. Let us help you choose the right style and right  type of safety footwear. We have a variety of safety shoes and boots in safety department . Here we will be advising you and guiding you of how to choose and use them.

Importance of safety shoes

These are  safety durable footwear  with   reinforced protective toe which provides you  protection  at your workplace may it be factories, construction sites, airports,nuclear plants,casinos etc . While providing all the safety features of traditional Steel Toe Shoes, non-metallic shoes and leather shoes.  Most of the safety  footwear are fitted with a myth sole plate to protect your feet from underfoot  punctures and are  designed for optimum safety of the user.

Different types of safety shoes

  1. Metatarsal shoes -These shoes  provide complete protection and they are  designed to prevent or reduce injuries. These shoes provide an extra layer of protection for maximum safety.
  1. Slip-Resistant footwear– These shoes are designed to provide better slip resistance an interlocked tread pattern that doesn’t close the water in, so that it is channeled away from your foot.
  1. Thinsulate Boots-These safety footwear with reinforced protective toe which provide you protection  with an insulation material that keeps your feet warm and is extremely lightweighted.
  1. Metal Inshep shoes- When working in industries or at hazardous jobs these safety shoes are designed to protect the instep of the foot from falling or crushing injuries. These shoes are reinforced with metal guards and toe caps, which provide complete protection to the feet. 

       5. Steel Toe capped shoes– Steel toe-capped shoes are popular for their solid protection. These shoes has a protective reinforcement in the toe which protects the foot from falling objects.

How does  safety shoes help you?

Protective shoes come equipped with slip resistant soles and provide complete protection in hazardous workplaces. Mostly in construction sites people get struck by objects falling from above,these shoes help to  protect your toes. Insoles of the shoes are made out of heavy – duty materials which provide protective encasing to the feet. And safety shoes  also help to support your knees.

What are the different designs of safety shoes?

Safety shoes are manufactured by different companies to suit your convenience and they  have been  modified over  the years to  suit  the  users. One good thing about the design is that most of it  are made out from leather they look very trendy in appearance but you can select from a variety of brands which suit your requirements according to your workplace.

Clogs are lightweight and water resistant they come in vibrant colors of plastic or rubber. Thus making them a good choice for many industries. When working in  industry or at hazardous jobs safety shoes should be closed toed , styled in the form of sneakers or boots.

Technological innovations in protective footwear have seen the increasing use of plastics , Kevlar and carbon fiber . When working in heavy – duty industries  with new advances in metatarsal protection technologies, met guards can often provide a cushioned massage foam feeling on top of the foot  offering workers comfortable protection.  Safety shoes  help to decrease the risk of accidents  at your workplace.

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