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Workplace safety optimization: Why and How?

Creating a safe & healthy workplace environment is a crucial step towards employee welfare & engagement for organizations. The objective of workplace safety is to prevent any injuries or illnesses to the employees by keeping the environment clean, suitable to operate & by equipping the workplace with proper safety equipment and tools.

Identifying any hazards involved

Hazard identification is the first step towards gathering information about factors which can endanger the safety of people at workplaces. Depending upon the nature of the job there could be several hazards associated with regular job tasks & duties. For example, for a retail shop salesman or chemical plant worker ergonomics, play a crucial role. Hazards may occur due to the following factors at work such as electric, chemical, temperature maintained in the workplace, radiation from machinery, lighting i.e. visibility at work, mechanical, noise etc.

Workplace Safety Training & Policies

Every organization should have a clear training program dedicated towards safety practices at work. This will not only educate laymen on following standard safety guidelines but will also foster responsible handling of any electric or mechanical equipment & machinery at work which is generally the common causes of injury to employees. Besides the creation of a safety handbook or a common intranet page with time to time updates on safe handling & working can be unique initiatives by businesses to keep their workforce safe & healthy.

Safety Toolkit

It is always advisable to have a safety toolkit with necessary equipment at workplaces. The protective equipment will keep the employees safe from any dangerous conditions. Depending upon the type of business operations one may have certain common safety tools are a must for each business:-

Fire Extinguishers – These are a must have on each floor. Moreover, if not all certain departmental employees must be trained on the usage of this protective equipment in case of an emergency.

Safety Gloves – Keeps hands clean and safe from any rough surfaces and abrasions. Also important while working with any harsh chemicals.

First Aid Box – A first aid kit with essential supplies will come in handy in case of any medical emergency.

Alarms & Sensors – Technology is making life easier in every aspect. Installing heat sensors are a commonplace these days to detect any sudden rise in temperature. Fire alarms are a must have for any organization.

Safety Shoes – These will protect workmen from any foot injuries wherever work involves any heavy machinery, rolling of heavy objects on the floor.

Above are a few important steps one can take to nurture a safe & healthy workplace environment. Awareness and engagement of employees on safety issues and safe work practices will lead to fewer accidents and more confidence in management’s efforts to optimize its workforce safety.

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