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Positive impact of GST on SMEs

On July 1, 2017, GST came into practice, which has a lot of influence on individuals, businesses and overall Indian economic scenario. Through the value of the chain, the crystal clear and unbiased way to bring all indirect taxes together, GST One of the main features of GST is that goods and services are considered…


Era of Cutting Tools

Manufacturing is an ages old topic, spanning the entire history of modern man & Cutting Process is recurring theme in man’s & Automatic manufacturing techniques. What is cutting Process:- Separating materials is done by physically breaking bonds, or more recently by Melting by using Cutting Tools. Cutting techniques have found particular favor with sheets of material,…

GST, A Stairway To New India

Imagine the world where you end up paying 4-5 different taxes while purchasing any good for your use. Well, put a break on your imagination because you are actually doing the same right now. In India, we have several types of Indirect & Direct taxes. Though we only think Income tax as a tax which…