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Era of Cutting Tools

Manufacturing is an ages old topic, spanning the entire history of modern man & Cutting Process is recurring theme in man’s & Automatic manufacturing techniques. What is cutting Process:- Separating materials is done by physically breaking bonds, or more recently by Melting by using Cutting Tools. Cutting techniques have found particular favor with sheets of material,…


GST, A Stairway To New India

Imagine the world where you end up paying 4-5 different taxes while purchasing any good for your use. Well, put a break on your imagination because you are actually doing the same right now. In India, we have several types of Indirect & Direct taxes. Though we only think Income tax as a tax which…

Implications of Unified Payments Interface

India’s e-commerce industry is the fastest growing sector and is expected to breach $100 billion mark by the end of the year 2020. The rapidly growing sector has further led to the emergence of payment banking opening up numerous possibilities for e-commerce marketplaces and e-retailers. Online businesses now have a unique payments mix to offer…


Workplace safety optimization: Why and How?

Creating a safe & healthy workplace environment is a crucial step towards employee welfare & engagement for organizations. The objective of workplace safety is to prevent any injuries or illnesses to the employees by keeping the environment clean, suitable to operate & by equipping the workplace with proper safety equipment and tools. Identifying any hazards…

Four trends that manufacturers can’t miss in 2016

While sourcing and procurement go hand in hand to establish a concordant relationship among the supply chain agencies, the dynamics of the business environment in 2016 calls for a better arrangement in future global settings. One of the factors that will subsequently influence decision-making in  procurement department, is the ability to integrate technology-driven methods in…