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Indian Logistics Industry: An Auxiliary Avenue for Economic Growth

Introduction Logistics is an indispensable vertical for every nation’s economic growth.  It administers the flow of goods from its place of origin to consumption. The logistics industry in India comprises warehousing, shipping, rail and road freight, post-services, express cargo, and related value-added services. Ensuring productivity, cost-effective ways to distribute goods and additional commercial factors that…

Governance within SMEs: Bridging the Gap for a Sustainable Growth

Good Governance is good for Businesses As an outcome of numerous research’s, carried upon by various committees on the subject of governance, within businesses, shows that comprehensively governed organisations establish considerably better long-term financial outcomes, they grow faster and, more sustainably, in contrast with the organisations, sans any pragmatic principal roadmap. Conversely, inferior governance practices…

Respiratory Masks Providing A Sigh Of Relief Amidst This Polluted Breze

Air Pollution Hits ‘Grave’ levels in North India: Two Best Respiratory Masks You Can Buy Online

With air pollution cuffing upon ‘Grave’ levels and, with heavy smog blanketing distinct areas of the National Capital Region and, a plethora of other cities in Punjab and, Haryana, owing to this abrupt rise in pollution levels, many residents are switching to respiratory masks to help keep breathing problems at bay, which are caused by small particulate…

Impact of GST on Logistics Industry

The inception of Goods and Services Tax has cut the first turf towards streamlining the logistics industry in India. Previously, all states, within the country taxed goods, which were transported across at different rates. In a nutshell, the state authorities performed a comprehensive check of the goods, and levied an appropriate tax on the freight,…