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Home and office security

Independence Day: Celebrate Your Freedom with Security

Can you too feel the aura of freedom in the air? Does the approaching 15th of August revive the spirit of independence in you? If yes, then this Independence, get freedom from worries of theft when leaving your money and valuables home alone. In India, where the government and police are trying to pull down the crime rates, robbery cases seem to have increased in number. Often we hear news related to bank robbery, house theft, vehicle robbery, breaking of lockers and more. Whether home, shop, office or banks, a strong security system is required everywhere.

You store cash, important files, jewelry, keys, and other precious items at home or office. Undoubtedly, you try to provide them safety but mishappenings don’t knock the door before arrival. To deal with such events, here is a list of security items you ought to have this Independence and enjoy freedom.

CCTV camera

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV camera comes in different shape, size, type, and resolution. This surveillance system is one the most widely used device that offers live viewing as well as recording features. It is important that you place it accordingly to have a clear footage of what’s happening at the shop, office or home. And you can easily catch the burglar if any.


For robbers, it is very easy to break a normal locker. So, you need to have high-end safes that save your hard earned money. Godrej, CP Plus, and various other brands have launched strong mechanical and electrical safes. These come with features such as durability, fire resistance, etc. So, next time when you are at your shop, busy providing products to your customers you don’t need to worry about the cash since its kept safe in a safe.

Key control and identification

In today’s era not using the advanced technology efficiently is a mistake on your part. For security reasons, you should opt for electronic door locks with audio and video features. You can place these locks on any door. There are various identification modes required to open such a door. This will restrict thieves from getting in and stress them with a thought of getting caught.

There are doorbells where you can see a person on a video screen inside your home, talk to them on phone and then open the door. This video door phone kit can be installed on any house floor.

Access control

To keep your office safe you ought to have an access control. You should have a biometric system installed at the door that takes people inside the office. This will help you track if anyone apart from your employees has entered the office.

Moglix.com offers a range of security essentials that can keep you and your belongings safe and offer you the freedom from worries of robbery and theft. In addition to the above-mentioned products, there are sensors, warning lights, security alarms and more. Buy the product that suits your security needs. Moglix.com has various other industry essential to shop from at best prices.

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