Plumbing Tools You Must Have

Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Homeowners

There are times when suddenly your bathroom fittings upset you and there is no plumber to help you instantly. You are stuck with a leaky pipe or a blocked drain. To deal with such days, you must-have these plumbing tools at home. Becoming a DIY plumber will save your time and money.

Pipe Wrench

A plumbing toolkit can never be complete without a pipe wrench because in a bathroom you have pipes and nuts everywhere that needs to be mend frequently. It helps you in loosening, tightening or removing pipes.

It comes with jaw-like protruding that can be adjusted according to the size of connection or fitting. Then the tightened jaws are used to turn the pipe. This wrench is not used on hardened steel. You might even need two pipe wrenches, one to hold the object and the other to turn.


Plier is a tool that must be with every homeowner. From valves, joints to assemblies, a plier is required to sort out all your plumbing issues. Pliers are available in different shapes and sizes. It gives a firm hold of nuts or objects with short jaws on one side. The longer handles with plastic covering for insulation and strong grip. And the steel metal prevents corrosion, offering longevity to the product.


Yet another important plumbing tool is a hacksaw. It helps you deal with the sturdy hardware. You can easily cut through pipes and screws of metal or plastic. In case of a hacksaw, you need to keep a check on its blade’s sharpness, else you might take time to cut through things that could have been performed in a few minutes.

Metal file

If you are using a hacksaw it is imperative to have this amazing tool. Metal file, as the name suggests, helps you file or smoothen a fresh cut metal piece. It comes in different shapes and a rat-tail file must find a place in your toolbox.


Last but not the least, a spanner is another necessary tool that finds immense utility in your home. Since you have nuts fitted of different size it will be best to have a spanner set. There are different forms of spanners, one being a combination of open-end and ring-end, second being double open-end spanner and third being double ring end spanner.

In addition to the above-mentioned tool, you might need other hand tools in your day-to-day life. presents a range of hand and power tools from best brands at the best prices.


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