Buy a Quality Circular Saw

Tips for Buying a Quality Circular Saw

Circular saws are handy tools for both professional contractors and DIY users. There are many varieties of circular saws to choose from, however, that can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a circular saw, you can buy it online. Here are some tips that can help you find the right circular saw:

Which Circular Saw Should You Choose?

A good professional circular saw should have enough power to cut everything. All kinds of circular saws have the same standard components – the blade guard, designed to cover the blade when the saw is not in use. 

There are basically two circular designs to choose from. 

  • Sidewinder: The traditional circular saw, with the engine on the same axis of the blade. Sidewinder saws are compact and lightweight, perfect for most applications. 
  • Worm Drive: The engine is on the right angle of the blade. It uses gears to increase the input strength on the blade. Worm drive saws are bigger than inline ones and are perfect for heavy-duty applications.

Types of Power Supply to Choose from

There are two types of power supply.

  • Battery Operated Saws: These saws are perfect to be used in a confined space, where you don’t have an option to use extension cords. These saws are ideal to cut wood, but not suggested to work on harder materials because they don’t offer extra power and are slow to recharge. 
  • Power Operated Saws: These saws are ideal for cutting tough materials like steel and masonry, but are also used for continuous woodcutting. These saws don’t depend on batteries, so they offer non-stop power without interruptions.  

Tips to Buy the Right Circular Saw for Your Job

Cut Line Indicator 

This is the feature that lets you track where exactly your blade will be cutting. Without it, you will have a difficult time following your cut line. A good indicator allows you to cut on either the left or right of your line, depending on your preference. 

Blade Visibility 

There would be many instances where the cut line indicator is out of sight. That is when you would want a small window tool that allows you to see the blade and tell if it is on one line or not. If the saw is not properly designed, you will notice that the view is obstructed by handles, guards, spindle locks, or by your hands while you grip it. 


The first thing to consider about the baseplate of the saw is its material. A base plate needs to be completely flat across the length and width. If the baseplate is made of aluminum, there is a good chance it will bend. Cast magnesium baseplates are usually tougher to bend. Fiber-reinforced plastic baseplates are tough enough to withstand a drop and, if they are thick enough they are also difficult to bend.

Guard Retraction

If the guard on your saw is stuck during a cut, it becomes difficult to work with that. This happens most often with guards that have rough or sharp leading edges that tend to get stuck when cutting in angles or any type of wooden surface. Look for a saw that features the leading edge of the guard. 

These tips will help you eliminate a great deal of the available circular saws. Now, as you are aware of the type of saws and type of power supply, you can choose a circular saw as per your requirement. You can buy the best circular saw at the best price from 

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