types of tapes

Selecting the Right Type of Adhesive Tape

From normal household uses to packaging factories, adhesive tapes are used everywhere. Different kinds of tapes are used for different tasks. The various types of tapes include masking tape, duct tape, insulation tape, warning tape, etc. Below is a small brief about the major types of adhesive tape.

types of adhesive tapes

Mankind has discovered and is busy evolving various adhesive measures and tape being a most popular one. Here are the advantages of using tape over rubber/resin or other adhesives

  • It is less messy and quicker than glue, keeping the surface clean and dry.
  • It requires only a scissor or a tape dispenser.
  • It allows uniform application and there is no wait time required for drying
  • It has huge varieties apt for different sticking to different materials.

Remember, before you make a purchase; get a proper answer to these two questions

  1. What material needs to be pasted?
  2. What are the climate or weather conditions


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