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What is Procurement Fraud?

Why Does Procurement Fraud Occur? Procurement fraud, as it is indicative of its name, can actually injure your organization by obliterating huge amounts of money, time and other crucial resources. Procurement fraud can occur for a multitude of reasons, some of which are mentioned below; Delivering customers certain goods of inferior quality, as opposed to…

How to improve Supplier Relationship & Performance

How to Improve Supplier Relationship & Performance

Procurement companies and professionals alike are always hunting for techniques to review, concretize & improve upon relations with their suppliers.  The flipping of a calendar year provides a good opportunity to evaluate supplier performance in order to have seamless coordination whole year long. Nowadays, there are a number of ways to collect feedback. However, the…

Governance Within SMEs: Bridging the Gap for a Sustainable Growth

Governance within SMEs: Bridging the Gap for a Sustainable Growth

Good Governance is good for Businesses As an outcome of numerous research’s, carried upon by various committees on the subject of governance, within businesses, shows that comprehensively governed organisations establish considerably better long-term financial outcomes, they grow faster and, more sustainably, in contrast with the organisations, sans any pragmatic principal roadmap. Conversely, inferior governance practices…

Moglix Credit Line

Moglix Credit Line: Credit Loans For Your Business Made Fast, Flexible & Easy.

WHAT IS MOGLIX CREDIT LINE? To alleviate the shopping experience of customers, Moglix has partnered with credit providers and rolled out an empirical, ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option, deemed as ‘Moglix Credit Line’, using which, customers can buy products from our platform, on credit. With a pre-defined credit limit, a customer can make purchases on…