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Safety Gloves

Guide to Choose Right Safety Gloves

It might seem a little easy to choose safety gloves for work but this is a fact that not all gloves are made for the same purpose. Work gloves are specifically designed for specific applications. Employers are responsible to understand the potential hazards occur in daily work and according to it, they should provide personal protective equipment to the employees or workers. For instance, a leather glove cannot be used for any potential chemical exposure. Hence, it is important to first understand the work and then go to buy protective equipment. To purchase correct safety gloves, there are some measures to keep in mind like –

Understand Work Risks

The primary work of safety gloves is to reduce hand injuries. For simple works like gardening, our hands can be affected by splinters, insect’s biting, and many more. For light works, lightweight gloves are used. For heavy-duty work, determine the type of injuries like crush injuries, pinch injuries, burns, etc. For these kinds of hazards, choose thick and durable gloves that can prevent damages. Use padded gloves with chemical resistant material in the chemical industry. Consider the gloves that can reduce the strain by providing compression and support.

Choose Correct Material

Determine the right material for gloves as per your work. On the basis of material, gloves can be differentiated as:

Bamboo: It is highly breathable. Even if you are working in warm conditions, they make your hands cool. These gloves are used for light works like gardening.

Cotton: For casual gardeners, these are the best option to start with. These gloves do not hold up exposure to soil. For hand tilling, you may need the second pair.

Leather: For heavy-duty work, they are the best option.

Nitrile: This material has knitted material that is coated with liquid rubber. These are also used for light work and are a great option to enhance the grip.

Rubber: When you need waterproof or chemical resistant gloves, consider the high-quality rubber. These should not be used for precision work because reduce dexterity. 

Pick the Right Fit

The size and fit of a glove make a big difference. For long days of hard work, you must use the fitted gloves. Here are some measures about right fitting:

  • Outside seams are more comfortable. However, they may wear out quickly.
  • Inside seams are durable but can be irritating.
  • For greater comfort, use the one that has seams across the palm.
  • For a better fit, seams should be across the back.

Choose a Reputed Brand

Investment in a safety glove is very important. If your work requires hand safety in day to day life, choose one from the reputed and reliable brand. You can also check the reviews of a particular brand and can compare them to get the best one for yourself. 

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