Functions & Uses of Vernier Calipers

Calipers are used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. They are very simple measuring instruments and have an inward and outward point, just like a compass. There are various types of calipers available in the market like dial calipers, vernier calipers, digital or electronic calipers, jenny calipers, spring joint calipers, and micrometer calipers. Different kinds of calipers allow measuring on a ruled scale, a dial or a digital display. They are used in different industries like education, medical, research & labs, aerospace, steel sectors and more. Let’s have a look at the functions and applications of vernier calipers.

Education Purpose: The students of high school and intermediate levels are taught about vernier caliper and its use. Also, the engineering students work with calipers in Physics to measure different objects of different shapes along with rectifying the ‘zero error.’ Along with inside and outside measurement of an object, a few experiments related to depth measurements are also there. Basically, vernier calipers are used in practical demonstrations of the topics that the students learn theoretically.

Scientific Research & Labs: Vernier calipers are also used in scientific experiments and laboratories. For instance, when the temperature increases or decreases, they are used to measure the expansion of metals and metallic products respectively. They are helpful in understanding the characteristics of a metal. Vernier calipers can measure the effect of gravity on an object thereby its mass when it rotates in different dimensions. Overall, they can be used in an ad hoc experiment ranging from real-world scenarios to lab experimental plots.

Machinery: In this sector, vernier calipers are used extensively. From aircraft to ships, everything is manufactured by small parts. Calipers are helpful in manufacturing and measuring these small parts. They provide an accurate measurement of an object’s inside & outside dimensions, depth, and thickness.

Medical Sector: The medical industry uses plenty of tools in order to perform diagnosis and surgeries. This industry heavily relies on instruments with different aspects. Vernier calipers are used in manufacturing medical tools.

Aerospace Sector: There is no doubt that the aerospace industry runs with extreme precision. A small change in an object’s dimension can result in numerous failures and irreversible effects that can not only damage the object but also affect all other connected objects. So, it is necessary to use vernier calipers in this sector for an error-free measurement. Sometimes, digital dial calipers are used to defer any prospective damages and micrometers while measuring objects that require high-level precision.

Other than the above-mentioned sectors, there are many more sectors for which vernier calipers are very useful. Along with applications, it is also required to understand the proper working of a vernier caliper. So, check the process to use them here:

How to Use Vernier Calipers?

Vernier calipers are very handy tools to use. They require more attention while working with them. Their working can be understood in three simple steps:

Slide Jaws Against the Object: First of all, hold vernier caliper correctly. Then slide its one of the jaws. Vernier caliper has two jaws. The larger one tightens around the object to measure distance while the smaller one to measure the internal diameter. Put the object in the correct position and tighten the screws.

Read the Main Scale with Sliding Scale’s Zero: The main scale is used to know the whole and decimal numbers. After putting the object, read the main scale lined up with the sliding scale zero.

Read the Vernier Scale & Add Numbers: Now, note down the whole number that displays on the scale along with the decimal number. Add these numbers of main scale and vernier scale. The resultant would be the measurement.

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