Make Cooking Easier with Hand Blenders

For a chef or a restaurant owner, kitchen life is never easy. They are always in hunt of kitchen appliances that can not only increase their efficiency but also decrease their cooking time. In a quest to make their life easy, a small kitchen appliance that is actually effective is a hand blender. There are multiple orders in the restaurants or an office pantry, which is not easy to handle. In such a situation, hand blenders can act as your savior. You can do multiple tasks very easily and quickly with the help of hand blenders.

Apart from its effective use in restaurants and hotels, it is also a great home appliance. No matter, if you are a housewife or a working woman, you would know its importance.

Now, there are many types of hand blenders available online like stick blenders, immersion blenders, etc. If you are not sure if you need to buy a hand blender or you are using it for just one or two tasks, here are some of its uses which can help you to do the task quickly and easily. In this blog, you can also understand tips on how you can get the best results from your blender.

Useful in Preparing Soup

If you have ever pureed hot soup without a hand blender, you would know how difficult it is. To make it easy and quick, you can use this appliance. You can simply pour soup in the pan instead of transferring hot contents into a blender jar.  

Preparing Smoothie and Milkshakes in No Time

Whether you are preparing a creamy milkshake for dessert or a smoothie filled with fruit for breakfast, the immersion blender would be the best option for whipping up light beverages. Just add in the ingredients such as fruits, yogurt, and milk into your jug and blend. You can also do the same in your bowl or glass.

Prepare Baby Food

If you are preparing food for a baby like mashed potatoes, it is one of the best options and an amazing alternative to potato masher for a smooth mashed potato.

Beating Eggs

Are you making scrambled eggs, omelets, or frittatas? Go for the immersion blender to beat the eggs. It is fast and easy as compared to whisking or beating with a fork. It also ensures that the yolk and white are uniformly combined. You will always get the fluffy eggs and all your customers will be happy and amazed.

Blending Pancake Batter

Pancakes are loved by children and are always high in demand. There would be times when you would have multiple orders and limited time to prepare. At such a time your blender will become your life saver. Just mix the batter for pancakes with the blender and leave the tension about streaks of flour hiding behind.

Making Whipped Cream

Now, you don’t need to drag out the stand mixer, as you can whip cream within a few minutes, without making many efforts using an immersion blender. It will save your time and energy.

Making Pesto Sauce

Making a pesto sauce was never so easy before. But with hand blenders, all you need to do is a quick whirl of the immersion blender to transform a big handful of leafy greens or fresh herbs, olive oil, nuts, and parmesan into the perfect sauce for your pasta.

Blending Hummus

If you don’t want to use a complete food processor for a simple task of blending hummus, you can use an immersion blender, as it makes it convenient to whip up a quick batch of hummus from scratch.

Pureeing Tomato Sauce

Sometimes people prefer the thick and viscous sauce. But many people prefer the one which is a bit more smooth, a quick whirl of the blender can do the trick.

Few Tips to Get the Best From Your Blender

Blenders are amazing, but if you follow a few steps they will become your best friend.

Wash it As Soon As Possible

The blade of the blender does a lot of work and gets in contact with a variety of food, and if you leave it that way for too long it can be hard to clean it completely. As soon as you finish blending, wash it with the hot water using the scrub or sponge.

Blend in Bigger Quantities

Avoid small quantities and shallow dishes for the best results as blender works best with more stuff.

Move it Around

Move the blender around for best results, you can move it up and down as it blends, so that it picks up everything and blend evenly. If you are blending a large pot of soup, you can move the blender in a slow stirring motion so you don’t miss any big pieces.

Let Hot Dishes Cool Before Blending

When you are making soups or other hot blended dishes, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool for 10-20 minutes before you blend anything.

These are a few uses of hand blenders that you can implement while cooking. Being a chef and fulfilling the demands of every customer is not an easy task. So, to do a few of your tasks quickly and easily you can buy the best hand blenders online from You can also get some of the best brands available in the market like Bajaj, Bosch, Crompton, Havells, Morphy Richards, Orpat, Wonderchef and many more at an affordable range of prices.

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