solar water heater

Solar Water Heater: Know it! Use it!

A solar water heater is another great product that functions with the help of solar energy and heats a large amount of water. Along with the Government offices, the solar heater is finding its place in industries and homes. The setup is placed on the terrace or open area where sunlight is the maximum and rays fall directly on the water tank. The solar collectors are connected to an insulated water tank for heat absorption. Since it comes with higher storage and is economical, most hotels and offices have implemented solar water heater on their rooftops to save energy and money.

The water might not remain very hot throughout the day but there would be only a few degrees of loss in temperature, depending on how cold the weather is. The water is expected to stay warmer throughout the day if left undisturbed. Know more about solar water heater functioning, maintenance, and advantages. Also, you can shop for solar water heaters from Moglix at the best prices.

solar water heater

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