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How to make your Pop Up Toaster look Brand New – Cleaning & Maintenance

Pop Up Toasters are one of the commonly used kitchen appliances. Whether you are a chef in a restaurant or run the office pantry, Pop Up Toasters are a must have. Even in the houses, these are very popular. These toasters can help you toast the bread, reheat the toasts and defrost the bread.

These toasters are very efficient and make our work easy. However, for them to last long, they need proper care and maintenance. Also, cleaning them properly and efficiently is very important. Here are a few things that you need to understand about toasters.

Things Required to Clean Your Toaster

To start with, it is very necessary that we use quality products to clean a toaster. Some of the necessary items that you could use while cleaning a toaster include:

  • Dish Soap
  • Vinegar
  • A Small Cleaning Brush
  • Sponge
  • Cleaning Cloth

Steps to Clean Pop Up Toasters

Cleaning a toaster is not rocket science, though following a few simple steps can ensure that you pop-up toaster is strikingly clean and free from germs and bacteria. Check the steps below:

Step-1: Unplug the Pop Up Toaster

Safety is necessary while doing any work. So, before starting the cleaning process, always unplug the toaster. If you have used the Pop Up Toaster recently, wait until it gets cool. When it’s cool then bring it to a large plain surface like kitchen counter or tables.

Step-2: Remove Crumb Tray

The Pop Up Toaster has a crumb tray at the bottom. Remove that tray. It can be a little messier because there will be crumbs all over the tray. So, you will need to be more careful.

Step-3: Clean the Tray (Use Brush and Soap)

Now, hold the tray and use the cleaning brush to remove crumbs and dirt. It is simple to wash just like any other dish. After that, wipe the crumb tray with the help of warm water and liquid soap over the sink. After cleaning the tray completely, set it aside to dry.

Step-4: Clean the Rest of the Toaster

When you are done with crumb tray, start with the rest of the parts. Swipe away all the crumbs from the interior parts. Use a small brush or toothbrush to clean the wires and the internal parts of the toaster. Now, dip your brush into the vinegar and rub down that brush into the toaster as well as on the backside of it. Rub until all the dirt and debris get clean. After that, clean the exterior part with the help of the cleaning cloth. Wipe down the sides of the toaster. Let it dry and now, it is ready to use again.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and make your Pop Up Toaster look brand new.

How to Maintain Pop Up Toasters

Pop Up Toaster is a very essential part of the kitchen. If you want that your toaster lasts longer, it is important to spend some time in its maintenance. Here are some tips to maintain the Pop Up Toaster.

Deep Cleaning of Toaster Once a Month: In hotels and restaurants, the customers look for the great food. But they also focus on hygiene and cleanliness. So, you should maintain and clean your kitchen appliances. Apart from the after use, you should also deep clean the toaster once a month by using all the important stuff.

Brush Out Crumb Tray Once a Week: Remove your toaster’s crumb tray once a week and brush off all the dirt and crumbs.

Wipe the Exterior Every day: This thing is necessary to do on a daily basis. In the routine cleaning of all the appliances, you should consider the toaster also. Not the deep cleaning, but at least wiping of the external surface of the toasters are required daily.

Along with it, you should also make sure that the bread does not stick in the toaster. If such a thing happens, remove the plug and take out the bread. Do not let the toaster overheat and never leave the bread in the toaster.

You can consider these suggestions to maintain the Pop Up Toasters and last them longer.

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