Buy a Perfect Jigsaw

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is one of the most versatile types of saws. From carpeting to cutting metal, pipes, and other materials, it is used for multiple purposes. 

Buying the best jigsaw is often harder than it seems. A buyer should buy a jigsaw that is highly efficient and costs a minimum. It is important to consider some factors before purchasing a jigsaw to make sure it fulfills all its purposes. So, let’s discuss some of the important features that your jigsaw must possess.

1. Mechanism of Working

With vertical saw movement, the rotation of an electric motor is converted by a gear reducer into simple reciprocating movements. This is the traditional working of all jigsaws. 

The jigsaw with an additional pendulum stroke is more complex. When moving upwards, the saw also moves forward and when it goes down, it gets retracted. 

For a pendulum stroke, a special pin is added that swings the saw support roller. It pushes the saw forward and releases it back. 

In modern jigsaws, there is an option of adjusting the pendulum motion rate. The motion of the saw blade increases the cutting speed. However, it does not provide smooth and too accurate cutting. Therefore, pendulum mode is used for rough cutting parts of wood, plywood, and particleboard. Turn off the pendulum movement where quality and clean cut is required. 

2. Power

Power is the main selection criteria of a power tool. It affects the thickness of the material that the saw can cut.

Like all power tools, it is also domestic and professional. Domestic jigsaw usually works between 350 to 700 watts while the upper limit of a professional jigsaw can reach up to 1500 watts. However, a jigsaw power mustn’t be less than 700 watts. It is recommended to look for the maximum depth of cutting along with the power. 

3. Stroke Rate

A jigsaw must have the option of changing its stroke rate. Do not buy the tool without this feature.

Modern jigsaws offer 3500 strokes per minute. For safety, the blades can be closed during operation with a protective cover. Some general rules for stroke rate:

  • For sawing wood, a high saw blade rate is required.
  • The average valued stroke rate is necessary for plastics and aluminium.
  • Steel requires a low stroke rate.
  • Use an extremely low rate for ceramics.

So, before getting a jigsaw for you, check this feature. 

4. Jigsaw Sole Plate

You should pay particular attention to jigsaw soleplate. The soleplate must be solid and should experience a large load when you press it against the work table. High accuracy is not possible if the soleplate is deformed. Therefore, it must be made of cast metal, not stamped or plastic. The soleplate surface should be smooth and there should be no scratches. It is even greater if the soleplate offers an anti-slip feature when cutting delicate and laminated material.

5. Saw Blade Fixing

Saw blade is fixed with every jigsaw whether it is traditional or a modern one. In the block of a jigsaw, you can insert a blade with any thickness. So, while choosing the one for your job, make sure, it has a perfect blade that can provide a perfect result. 

These are some important factors that you should look at before buying a jigsaw. Along with these, also check cord length, saw blade capacity, laser pointer, soft start function, etc. In this way, you can get a perfect jigsaw for your job. 

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