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Light up Your Office with Right Types of Bulbs

Lighting has a great impact on your business as it plays a vital role to enhance the appearance of your office. Hence while choosing the one, you should be very careful. In early days, shopping for a light bulb was one the simplest tasks to do, but now technology has evolved immensely, and now you find light bulbs with advanced features like with light control options, bulbs in different shapes and the eco-friendly light bulbs. Due to this, choosing the light bulb has also become one of the tough tasks. 

The right lighting in your office can innovate and inspire people to work, on the other hand, the wrong choice of bulbs can create a monotonous environment at the workplace.  Hence, for better productivity and enthusiasm, choosing the right type of bulb is very important.

Let’s look at a few factors that are important to consider while choosing the right bulb for your office.


If you are looking to save money, invest in energy-efficient bulbs for the common spaces like hallways, lobbies, etc. LED lightings may have a higher price, but these bulbs are the best energy-efficient options. These bulbs have a longer lifetime and reduce maintenance expenses in comparison to conventional alternatives.


In different work environments, the requirement for lighting is different. Consider the type of work, and the time when it is performed, and select the light bulbs accordingly. There are different types of bulbs available these days, from which you can choose the one as per your requirement.

  • CFLs: Compact fluorescent bulbs are a good alternative for expensive LED bulbs. These bulbs are popular and can last more than five years. These bulbs are a good option for desk lamps or accent lamps, ceiling installations and hanging fixtures like pendant lights. CFL exhibits a more subtle shine; so, these bulbs are best for the areas where an ultra-bright light is necessary.
  • LEDs: Light-emitting diode bulbs are the most common lighting fixtures, you will find at a workplace these days. Most of the companies prefer LED bulbs because of their energy efficiency and a longer life span. LED lights are one-directional and are often used in open spaces as a main source of light. These lights are extremely versatile and can be used in different industries from food production to cold storage manufacturing. These bulbs can also be used as task lights on desks or other work areas.
  • Tubes: Earlier, tubes were available in T-12 types that used to flicker and buzz, causing a bad impact on the eyes. But, now as the technology has evolved, T-5 and T-8 fluorescent tube technology are bringing much brighter, reliable and more efficient lighting options. These tubes are mostly used in warehouses or office spaces.
  • Halogens: Halogen lights are affordable and offer beautiful accent lighting; it gives a pleasing warm light. These lights are commonly used in restaurants and bars. These halogen lights can also be used in large industries and factories.

These are the types of bulbs that you can choose once you understand the purpose of using a light bulb in the workplace. 


In many business cases, adjustability is one of the concerns. For example, dimmable lights are useful in restaurant settings. A lighting control system allows a business owner to choose exactly how their lights behave to the surroundings. Decide what type of light you would prefer, you can choose the color of the light, brightness, and other factors as per your requirement.


If you are replacing an old bulb with a new one, fitting is one of the most important factors to look for. Many people buy a bulb without considering this and face a number of issues related to installation. Hence, check the fitting reference number on the packaging and take it along with you while purchasing a new bulb.


These days, bulbs are available in different shapes and sizes; you can choose one as per your requirement. A different shape of bulb provides a slightly different spread and angle of light. Anice design and shape of the bulb can also enhance the décor in your office and can add grace even if the bulb is switched on or off.

These are some of the important factors to look for before buying the right bulb for your office. If you are planning to change the lighting of your office or a new business, you can buy the best light bulbs online from our website moglix.com at an affordable price. You can also check other lighting solutions in our category of LED & Lighting for a complete makeover of your office.

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