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Diagnostic instruments

Get Started with Your New Clinic with this Checklist

Establishing a clinic can be easy if planned properly. After deciding on the location, funding, marketing strategies and doctors, the very next step is procuring the medical equipment and consumables for the clinic to get it up and running. With no dearth of medical equipment that you can buy for the clinic, you may end up being confused and buy products that are not required. Thus, making a list of the requirements will not only save your energy but will also stop you from investing in the equipment which is not your requirement.

Below mentioned are the medical equipment and consumables that every new clinic will require:

Diagnostic instruments:

These are common instruments that can be found in every clinic and are helpful in early diagnosis of the ailment. Some of the instruments include thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors.

Monitoring Systems:

These instruments help in tracking the health of the patient. You can buy glucometers, pulse oximeters, electrotherapy products, heart rate monitors, weighing scales and similar for your clinic.

Clinic Furniture:

Apart from the regular chairs, tables and waiting couches, other most important furniture that every clinic should own is medical tables, medical stools, privacy screens. In case, if you are looking to admit patients at your clinic, medical beds, trolleys, bedside screens, lockers and similar will also be required.

Medical Clothing:

Another requisite at a clinic is the proper clothing, both for the patients and the doctors and staff. You can find a huge selection of medical clothing online at Moglix, which include: Patient gowns, surgeon overalls, scrub suits and more.

Examination Lights and OT Lights:

Proper lighting is important for the right diagnostics. Thus, choosing the right lighting is very important. You can choose from wall-mounted or table-mounted lights. The examination lights are also available in portable and non-portable alternatives.

Wound Care:

Wound care and dressing are a regular part of a doctor’s work routine. Thus, the regular wound care and first aid kits should always be available at the clinic. You can always invest in good quality dressings, surgical tapes, transparent film dressings, nanocrystalline silver dressings, adhesive tapes, bandages, sterile cotton, crepe bandages and similar.

Surgical Instruments:

Some of the basic surgical instruments that you should invest in include needles, forceps, surgical knives, surgical scissors, retractors and clamps.

Braces, Splints & Supports:

Several body supports are required at the clinic to ease the pain of the patient. Some of the supports and braces that you should have in your clinic are knee & ankle braces, arm supports, leg & feet support, waist & abdomen supports, neck supports, back braces and similar.

Mobility Aids:

To aid the patients with mobility issues, equipment like wheelchairs, stretchers and walking sticks, should be there in every clinic.

Face Masks & Gloves:

Medical grade gloves and face shields & masks are an important requirement for clinics. These act as a crucial barrier for health workers and protect them from transmissible diseases. Nitrile gloves are the most popular and effective medical gloves to be used in clinics and hospitals.

Sterilization and Disinfection Products:

Without any doubt, clinics and hospitals are prone to several bacteria and viruses; thus, it is important to sanitize and disinfect the floor and furniture regularly. Sterilization of medical equipment is also important to ensure the safety of health workers and patients.

Biomedical Waste Disposal Bags:

It is important to discard medical waste in the right manner. Improper disposal of medical waste will not only be dangerous for sanitation workers, medical staff and patients but will also harm the environment

While the above listed are the important medical equipment that every clinic should possess, another important parameter is the quality of these products. These products should be of good quality and match the international standards of production.

Procuring high-quality medical equipment with traditional ways can be tiring and time-consuming, as a lot of negotiating, bargaining, and haggling will be involved in the process. However, Moglix offers top brand medical equipment & consumables under one roof at affordable prices. All the products listed on the Moglix website are sourced directly from manufacturers and reliable suppliers; thus, ensuring the quality of the products. You can order medical equipment from the comfort of your home and can pay through several payment options.

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