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Inverter battery maintenance tips

How to Maintain Your Inverter Battery?

Electricity plays a crucial role in our lives, as all the household appliances and industrial machines need power for running. Essential appliances like fans and chimneys to electronics like TVs, ACs, smartphones and more, need electricity for their operations.

However, frequent power cuts in some places realize us the importance of an electricity backup that can keep these appliances running. For years we have depended on generators as an electricity backup, but now, with technology taking steps ahead every day, inverters have emerged as a new power backup source.

Now, one of the most critical components of an inverter is its battery. A battery not only helps in the better performance of an inverter but also increases its life. Due to this criticality, it becomes important to ensure regular maintenance of these batteries

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An up and running inverter battery is of great advantage during a power cut. There is no aesthetic benefit involved in maintaining a battery but imagine your life with a drained smartphone during a power cut.

Below mentioned are some of the simple yet important maintenance tips that can increase the longevity of your inverter & battery.

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Inverter battery should be installed at a well-ventilated place: During charging and operation, the inverter battery gets heated up. Proper ventilation reduces heat up and increases the life of a battery. 

Use your battery regularly: After the installation of the inverter battery, it should be used regularly. If there are no power cuts, the battery should be discharged once every month and recharged again.

Keep the inverter battery out of children’s reach: Kids getting in contact with an inverter battery can have adverse effects both on the child and battery. Your child may injure yourself or can damage a part of the battery, as it is a very sensitive device. Hence, it is better to install the device far away from the reach of children.

Regularly check the water level of the battery: It is important to maintain the water level in the battery between the minimum and maximum water limit. Also, make sure to use distilled water only. Tap water or normal water may contain excess minerals and impurities, which can affect the life and performance of the battery.

Keep your inverter battery dust-free: Dust particles not only interfere with the operations of the device but also decreases its life. Therefore, regular cleaning of the battery is required. Use a cotton cloth to clean the surfaces and sides of the battery.

Keeping battery terminals rust-free is important: Rusting and corrosion are bad for the life of your battery. It reduces the current flow to and from the battery, and this restricted flow results in slow battery charging, thereby reducing its life. If the terminals of the battery get corroded, pour hot water and baking soda solution on the area and use a toothbrush to remove the corrosion. Once the terminals are clean, apply a good layer of petroleum jelly to avoid future corrosion.

Right load on the inverter battery: Always make sure not to connect load greater than what the inverter can carry. This will not only decrease the life of the battery but can also result in a damaged appliance or worse, short circuit.

Replace the dead or damaged battery: If the battery of the inverter gets damaged, it is important to replace it quickly. Also, make sure not to combine old and new batteries in a system.

These are a few tips, which ensure a long life of your inverter battery. You can buy top brand inverter batteries online at Moglix. Visit our website for an exclusive selection of inverter batteries online at affordable prices.

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