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Upgrade Your Work with these Common Construction Tools

Tools are an essential part of our daily activities, as they increase the efficiency of the work done in every construction project. Due to the advanced tools available these days, construction is also getting advanced and more innovative. 

Nowadays, there are several tools available that are commonly used in the construction industry. Let’s discuss a few of the essential tools.


Hammers are one of the most important tools used in construction sites. There are various types of hammers available online. A claw hammer is used for driving in nails and pulling them out. For framing, light finishing and demolition a quality hammer is required. For heavier demolition work, you can buy medium weight sledgehammer with a long handle to provide leverage.

Nail Pullers

Nail pullers are useful for pulling out nails driven deep into the wood. You can also use the claw hammer for pulling out nails. Some construction workers also prefer using a wrecking bar.


A collection of various sizes of screwdrivers is a necessity in any construction project. Selecting a screwdriver is easier and it can be used for driving fasteners into wood, metal or stone. You can buy a nut driver for turning hex-head screws and bolts. Offset screwdriver allows leveraged turning of screws placed at a wrong place.

Measuring Tapes

Tapes and rulers are a vital measuring tool for construction work. Measuring tape is essential to check the thickness, length, widths of masonry walls, foundation beds, excavated trenches, etc. As per the requirement, you can buy different size measuring tapes.


Saws are essential for cutting of lumber and framing process. These days there are different types of saws available online. As per your work requirement, you can buy one. At Moglix, you can find a variety of saws ranging from chainsaws to jigsaws and more.


Sanders is very important for any carpentry related work. For the professional look in furniture work, wood edges should be smooth, and to accomplish this task, a sander is a perfect tool. Belt sanders have an abrasive belt stretched between two drums that accomplish its job by working at a high speed. You can also use orbital sander that works in a circular motion.


A drill is a handheld power tool that is used to insert a drill bit or a screwdriver bit. This is an efficient tool used in the construction industry. It is used in carpentry and other construction purposes also. You can buy different types of drill machines from moglix.com depending on your requirements.


Spade is another important tool used in the construction industry. It is used to dig the soil for foundation trenches, etc. It has a metal plate at the end of the long wooden handle.

These are the essential tools that are often used in the construction industry. You can buy the one as per your work environment. You can check all the above-mentioned tools on our website moglix.com. You can check the best assortment of brands at the lowest price. Apart from these tools, you can also buy some other hand tools and machinery used in the construction site.

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